Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Search for the Perfect Name

We have names. A bunch of names. We don't necessarily love them all, but we've got a good list of girl names going. Before finding out that the bean is a beanette, we actually were secretly (or maybe not so secretly) crossing our fingers for a little girl because we could not find any boy names we really agreed on. Of course this is only one of many  reasons were were hoping for a chiquita. I think we came up with three boys names we both liked; one we both really liked. The list of girl names has grown consistently since we found out we were expecting, although I've definitely had a name in my mind for a looong time. Yeah, I'm one of those girls that  picks out her children's names before even meeting the future baby daddy.

Anyways, we both definitely like that name and the middle name I've had picked out, but we're not going to make any final decisions just yet. We're even thinking about not really making a final decision until the beanette actually arrives. *gasp* We're thinking of picking out two names we really, really like and then deciding once we meet our babe. What do you think? Have you heard of people doing this?

So, on this search for the perfect beanette name, I've looked through books, iphone apps, websites, and friends. Today, I found a really cool site, thanks to Spearmint Baby.

Baby Namescape will give you a list of the 10 most popular names in your city. It will narrow it as far down as the most popular names at the actual hospital where you're expecting to deliver.

Here what my search was and what I came up with.
Searched: San Francisco, CA and Kaiser Foundation Hospital
Girl Names:
1. Abigail (don't like)
2. Alana (nope)
3. Adriana (not this one either)
4. Miley (heck no)
5. Danica (
6. Fernanda 
(I don't like names that make boy names into girl names. I have an uncle named Fernando)
7. Shelby (different and sorta cute)
8. Selene (cute, but not for us)
9. Cielo (sweet, but not for us and it's our neighbors daughter's name)
10. Karah (no, thank you)

Alrighty, so far none of the names on our list are on that list!

Boy Names:
1. Gabriel (this was our favorite boy name and my brother's name!)
2. Jake (have always loved this name, but it's our nephews name)
3. Gilberto (nooo)
4. Ever (really?! What...ever!)
5. Jullien (we did like this one)
6. Madison (Isn't this a girl name?)
7. Marcel (Frenchy) didn't give me anymore. Oh well. 

What's your favorite girl name? Aside from your baby girl's name. =)


LinsyLou013 said...


We had two names for Niah and didn't decide until we saw her. It was kind of fun because we could really picture her as a Niah and not an Eliana (our other choice). For this baby I think we've decided almost 100% sure, but we are still debating between 2 again!

estefanick said...

Too funny!!! Some of those "most common names" are pretty strange!!! We had a VERY hard time with girl's names... we had a boy's name already picked out without trying too hard! We were down to Lindsey and Lauren... and Lindsey won!

Also- I have a good friend who's daughter's name is Nyah... just like your other friend "LinsyLou013" who commented! I had never heard the name before!

Elizabeth said...

I think we'll probably take 2 or 3 to the delivery room and decide once we meet her. You never know when she'll come out looking completely UNLIKE the name you have chosen! Some names at the top of our list at th moment: Katelyn, Emma, Kylee, and Sydney (I also really like Olivia as you know, but Lawrence has vetoed - for now). Coming up with a name has been the hardest thing in pregnancy so far, just slightly harder than picking a nursery decor :)