Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rockabye Baby!

The hubby and I took a  little trip to Lullaby Lane today to test out the stroller I've been considering, the Bumbleride Flyer. I'd forgotten about Lullaby Lane, but was recently reminded of it after two different blogs I read mentioned their visits to LL. The last time I went was when my mom was pregnant with my 18 year old brother, so it's been a really long time. That place has been around forever, I think since the 1950's. I do remember it being quite the shopping experience because they have sooo much to offer. It actually has four different stores on the same block; the original store, a "gear" store with strollers and such, a clearance store, and the toddler to teen store. They calls themselves the "baby superstore" and I have to completely agree.

We focused our visit on the Gear store and found they carry almost every possible stroller that's worth carrying. It also happens to be one of a few places that carry the Bumbleride Flyer. So, what did we decide on? Were we sold by the BF? We were. We decided it has everything we need and like. It has the handle that moves back and forth (so you can face the baby or not), the fully reclining seat with the foot thinger that goes up to become suitable for an infant to sleep in, a nice basket, smooth maneuvering, a big umbrella, holds up to 45 lbs., not very heavy, works with an infant carrier, and it's super cute to boot! They sell it there for $360, but I already found it on the internet for much cheaper. Yay! We're going to save up a little to get in a few months.  Our bean's going to be rollin' and rockin' in this cool ride! Oh and there's other colors, not just the fancy orange. I'll probably just get the black one...messes won't be as noticable.

{Hey, good lookin'!}

Our one take home score of the day was a great lullaby CD. I'm listening to it right now while the hubby plays along with his guitar. I think its even put Rosco to sleep. =) It's called Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley. The informational bit on the back says, 

"No baby, no cry. Bob Marley's lilting melodies will gently sway your loved one to sleep. The perfect antidote to restless nights, these comforting renditions will transform bed time into a peaceful wonderland."

I think it could very well work some magic. It's so soothing and rockin' at the same time. The CD caught our attentions when we noticed they actually have lullaby compilations of bands like No Doubt, The Eagles, The Beatles, Nine in Nails (can you imagine?!), The Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Metallica...and such. Here's a sample of what we're listening to right now: Rockabye Baby! Bob Marley's " Buffalo Soldier". I think we might have to go back and get The Beatles CD too. 

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Maggie said...

We love the Rockabye series! We own the Beatles one (it is really good) and we got Metallica for Keith's sister who is pregnant (her husband is a big fan). Congrats on choosing a stroller..that is an important and big decision!