Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugar 'n Spice and Everything Nice

We're having a GIRL!!!!

{little baby girl face}

{Baby J staying still for a second}

{little girl arms}

That little bean of ours is one crazy girl. The tech commented a few times on how incredibly active she was. It was both a positive (the hubby got to see his baby move for the first time!) and a negative (she would not sit still for her private showing!). At the end our tech lady let us know we should be looking forward to welcoming a beanette! Apparently they can't say it's 100% (in case they get it wrong and people come back to sue them), but based on what she pointed out to us on the ultrasound and the image she printed out for us, she was confident it's a girl in my belly. Woo Hoo! Go Pink Team!

We are beyond thrilled and I think it's still settling in for both of us that we actually know the sex of the bean. After informing almost all of the important parties, I celebrated by purchasing a little girly something for my baby this afternoon. 
{the new white dress from babygap}

I have to say the image does not do it justice. It has the most adorable pointelle-knit top and eyelet-woven skirt. It comes with a matching baby bottom cover too. Soo cute! It's itty bitty and just adorable. 

I stopped by the mall to actually visit Anthropologie because I have seen them carry the most amazing super duper teensy weensy girly dresses and I wanted one bad last time I was there. Alas, they were out today. boo hoo. I didn't let it bring me down. I was focused on buying one dress today. I would have visited the other shops in the mall, but it's an open-air mall and it was POURING (and babygap is right next door to Anthro)! I'm very excited with my first gender specific purchase!

Next step: picking out a name. 


estefanick said...

Welcome to the girl team!!!! Isn't it amazing once you know?? It takes a bit for it to sink in.... This will be the first of MANY adorable girl outfits that you will buy!!! There are SOOOOOO many adorable girl clothes!! So excited to hear your news!! :)

Stephanie said...

Yay Team Pink! As I told you earlier, it's just so great being the mom of a little girl. And I know you'll want to buy a lot of outfits,but trust me when I say that people will buy you a LOT of clothes, so don't go crazy. You'll wind up with more clothes than your beanette can ever wear. I've bought only a handful of clothes for Charlotte and her closet is still teeming with outfits she's never worn.

Maggie said...

Congratulations Nancy! It certainly does seem to be girl season! I know that is what you had your heart set on so I'm so happy it worked out for you. It really does start to seem real now. Let the name-choosing begin!

mrs shortcake said...

Congratulations, Nancy! A little girl!