Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blame in on the Preggers Brain

I can easily say that I always know what I want. Be it dinner, the shoes I spotted somewhere, the specific type of cake I'm craving, or the fabric in my house; I can quickly make a decision. Maybe it's the leo in me? Yet, for the life of me, I cannot decide what fabric I want in the nursery. This is something that should come easy to me. I'm a fabric lover. I love decorating and sewing new things for our casita. But...I...just...can't!

I can't blame it on the alcohol (the hubby hate's that song), but I think I might have to blame this problem on the preggers brain.  Preggers brain, you say?


brain [preg-nuhn-see breyn]

–noun, plural -cies.
the state, condition, or quality of being pregnant and losing your marbles simultaneously.

It really exists. Although, I might just have an extreme version that specifically affects the portion of the brain that resolves problems/makes decisions. That's me!

At this point, I'm going to wait two more weeks until we find out the bean's gender to make any decisions. I have been curbing my desire to purchase fabrics I love by creating inspirations boards on Polyvore. Yet, it's not giving me the same satisfaction as creating something tangible and I also can't include exact things I have in mind (their database is somewhat limited). I'm thinking the next step will be to create an actual inspiration board on a poster. Hmm...that sounds fun.

Oh and just for fun, here's one of the boards I've created. I basically included things we already have...the glider (that's the color I slipcovered it in), the crib, the mobile, a similar dresser, the white shelves, the pillow, the elephant table, the bird houses, and then added in the fabric and a few extras. I fell in love with this fabric from Calico Corners by Laura Ashley (It's not on their site) for the crib skirt. I also found this really cozy natural-colored quilted cotton that would work really well for the bumper. The ikat fabric is in "Lapis," which I think would be really cool for either boy or girl. It's also waterproof and stain resistant...perfect for a potentially messy bean.

Teals and Creams
Teals and Creams by Eskimobar on

p.s. Totally weird trivia about me...but I have always loved that my name can be found in the word pregnancy. I have always envisioned pregnancy as a beautiful thing. 


Stephanie said...

Pregnancy brain does exist, but I will extend it to "Mommy brain," because I swear my brain is not back to where it was before I was pregnant with Charlotte. I forget simple things all the time, and if I don't put things in my calendar right away, it's gone from my brain forever. I can also point to another instance, but it's one that I'll tell you about in person.

You're quick to decide on things, but I am not and neither is Chris. We agonize over what to do and sometimes that means we miss out on sales that would have saved us a lot of money. Not a good trait for both of us to have!

Elizabeth said...

I just saw on the news last night that a study has been done disproving pregnancy brain! They gave a group of woman several memory tests before, during and after pregnancy and found that their levels of memory were ~the same regardless of being pregnant. However, I do think it affects concentration and decision making...maybe just not memory. I too agonized over nursery decor, but finally just picked one and decided to stick with it. I'm agonizing over EVERYTHING else, too, from bouncers to strollers to car seats, etc!

estefanick said...

I swear pregnancy brain exists, and I also promise that I had a friend tell me about a study that said it is true... but here's the shocker... I can't remember all the details! HA! I'm sure I could track it down though!

I agree with Stephanie- I'm not sure it gets much better after the baby arrives! I always was one to make lists, but now it is a necessity!!!