Friday, February 12, 2010

This is How We Ride

The beetle/bug is my car of choice.

Even before the time I was old enough to drive, I've always had a fascination and real appreciation for those adorable cars. As I sit here in my quiet classroom (The kids are gone for the day and a week. woo for ski week!!), I literally have 4 different types of bug paraphernalia surrounding me.

When I was in college, the car I'd been driving was totaled. When I finally received my insurance money, I was out and looking for my little bug. My mom never let me have one because she swore they were death traps. Mom, what does she know??hehe. I ended up with a completely original, almost-in-mint-condition, blue bug named Bert. I bought it from the original owner, a little old lady, that had named the car. Bert the blue bug and I had a great time until he ended up getting rear-ended.

While he was in my possession I immersed myself in everything bug and learned a lot! I ended up working on my own bug's engine and am able to tell you what year bug you have just by taking a quick peek at it. You can say, I am a bit obsessed with bugs. I was and still am. You can see me driving around the City in my white VW Beetle now.

Anyhoo....I'm sure the bean's attire will without a doubt be displaying "our" love for the bug. Especially since we'll be selling the lil' bugger in order to get a larger family car. I'll still need a little bug in my life somewhere; somehow.

How cute are these?!

Hand Painted Volkswagen Beetle Baby Bodysuit or Kid's T-Shirt (newborn-kid's 6/8)

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