Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby in the Bucket

Hmmmmm....does this baby tub look like a big bucket to anyone else?

Spa Baby bath tub
It's supposed to be a fabulous for the bean's bath. I'm skeptical about paying that much for something like that. I'm actually sure about the baby probably being warmer and there being no slipping and sliding around....but still. 


Anonymous said...

You can get a better quality Tummy Tub for less $ on Amazon. I have one and we love it!

Anonymous said...

When I see that I wonder, how would you wash the baby? There doesn't seem to be much access for Mom and Dad to get in there and wash baby parts. Plus where is the rubber ducky going to float?

Angela said...

Brian wants to know if you can just put a lid on the container to keep your baby fresh :) I'm with Maggie--how do you wash the baby in that tub?

Nancy E. J. said...

HAHA...hmmm...Brian might be on to something there...a fresh baby! I watched the video on their website and they have a specific strategy for how you're supposed to wash your baby. I really need a lesson? can, you just have to hold on to their little heads. weird.