Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 18/19

{bump covered: week 18}

{a look down: week 18}

{bump covered: week 19}

{baby girl bump: week 19}

Week: We are seriously getting soo close to being halfway! OMG!
Total Weight Gain: I was wrong last week. When I had my doctor appointment last week it turns out I've actually gained 10 lbs. total. That's alrighty with me. Although, I do have to say that when they started weighing me, I was in my winter weight, so I wouldn't mind losing those 3 extra pounds after the bean arrives.
Bean Sex: chiquita banana! 
Maternity Clothes?: What else is there? During my "ski week" break I went to the Gap and found the cutest stuff all on clearance! Score! It turns out they make all the stuff for non-preggers in preggers sizes. Cool beans.
Stretch Marks: nope! Aside from the genetics side; I'm also gaining weight at a steady pace and therefore decreasing my chances of these. There's no science in that theory, it's my very own. =)
Movement: Yup. Randomly, usually around bed time when I'm lying down on the couch. I wish I could feel this little girl more. I'm sure I will more later. 
What I Miss: I'm running out of clothing options. I'd been using my before-bump sweaters and now they're looking kinda funny. I want, need warm weather.
What I'm Looking Forward to: Having the hubby feel the beanette's kicking.
Best Moment this Week: Finding out I've got two girly parts (tee hee), getting the crib bumpers sewn, receiving the crib skirt/glider pillow fabric in the mail, and buying girly-specific clothing. I HAD to buy a onesie that says, "daddy's little girl" on it. The hubby thought it was cutie.
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: the bump is definitely bigger. I was standing at the stove making dinner the other night when the hubby came home from work. He gave me a sideway smile and stared at me kinda funny. I asked him what he was thinking and he said I definitely look pregnant now. Also, when I got back from "ski week" many students commented on how I really look pregnant. ha. I told them that's what happens. Baby in the belly = big belly. 
Bean Milestones: Hey baby girl, you're now around 10 inches in length! Crazy huh!? But, if this seems a bit shocking, you've not actually grown over 3 inches, but your little legs are now straight enough to be measured. The doctor will now begin measuring fetal growth from head to toe, (no longer “crown to rump” or CR). Lanugo (little hairs) covers your entire cutie patootie body now, trapping that charming cheese-like vernix caseosa to the surface to the skin. Mmmm...cheese. Mmmmm...oil...oh wait, we don't crave that. This week you're starting on an appetizing diet of amniotic fluid. Mmmmnnn...amniotic fluid. You are now capable of swallowing, digesting, and passing the fluid as far as your tiny “large” intestines. Great job! Keep working hard!
Food Cravings: Baby girl J wants, in no specific order: lemonade, orange juice, pickles (YUM), cucumbers with lemon and salt, berries, meat, nuts, and introducing for the first dear friend, Sugar! Cake, ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry (yes, please!), bear claws, sour gummy worms...woo hoo! I'm of course regulating my sweet friend. I really want to go crazy on the sugar, but I'm holding back. A lot. 
How's the Rice?: He's sooo cute. He's sitting eating ice cream right now wearing his "baby daddy" shirt. He looks so happy. The hubby wanted a baby girl from the beginning just like me, but perhaps not for the same reasons. He thought he'd be off-the-hook on the teaching our baby things like "shooting a gun, playing sports, and doing guy things" (his words) if she was a he. But, after work on the same day we found out we'd be having a girl, he came home a bit freaked out. He realized he wasn't going to be completely off-the-hook. haha. He's still gotta be the daddy and play that role forever. He's so funny.

Tid Bits: I love the nursery right now. It's not even close to being done, but what is in there, I absolutely love. It's soo calming and sweet. I enjoy going in there and just hanging out in the glider. Here are some of my favorite things in there right now:

{all the fabrics!}

{the giraffe lamp}

{some of the art I'm hanging on another wall}


Maggie said...

That is very funny about why Eric didn't want a boy! I love the art work you have. Where did you get those prints/frames? The giraffe lamp is very cute too.

estefanick said...

You are SOOO creative!! I love all the nursery update and I can't wait to see the end result! :)

mrs shortcake said...

I love seeing how your nursery is coming along! P.S. This week my sweet tooth woke up, too! :)