Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bean Diaper Bag


{oh yeah}

I actually wasn't looking to buy a diaper bag today. I went looking for some clothes that fit and what did I happen to stumble upon at the Gap?!?! A Petunia Pickle Bottom bag for half off! Not only is it super cutie and's their "glazed" version, which mean the fabric is coated with a water-resistant and dirt-resistant something or other. I don't know what you'd call it? Glaze, perhaps?? 

Anyhoo, just had to share. Steph, I know you have you love it or not?

Now, I'm off to my pre-natal massage! It was the Christmas gift from the hubby. So sweet!


Stephanie said...

Love it. My bag was pricey (not half-off, lucky duck!), but still on sale at their outlet sale. It's been the best bag. The changing pad is so handy, especially at the airport, and I can zip it up with one hand (while I'm holding Charlotte with the other).

Water-proof sounds really good, definitely don't think mine is, but it's in remarkably good shape 8 months later.

Maggie said...

Very cute and a great bargain too! Only one concern...will Eric agree to slinging it over his shoulder?

estefanick said...

My friend has this exact bag and loves it!!! Great find Nanc!