Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Bean Nursery Art: Part 1

I know some of you have been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having this week. I had told myself that I was going to start my nursery sewing projects this week, but the weather just pulled me away from them. How could I resist spending as many hours as possible outside when the sun was shining?! My ghostly legs even made appearances every day.

Today, mother nature remembered it's still winter and it didn't "disappoint" with gloomy weather. bummer. I went to my monthly dr. check-up this morning. Everything is going great. The doctor always compliments the bean's strong and fast heartbeat. We cannot wait for our BIG appointment on Tuesday morning. YAY! I've been trying to not think about it with hopes of it arriving faster. I think it's been working! on a tangent there. This weather gave me a boost to start a project for the bean's room. Part one of the art. I've got lots of ideas, but this is one that I decided was definitely going to happen.

About six years ago, I found a copy of Maurice Sendak's children's book, Hector the Protector and As I Went Over the Water at a elementary school used book sale. I thought it was cute and I especially liked the way it was signed "To Jean: From, Grandma" and "Easter, 1967." Well, I snagged that baby up quickly. Since that day it had been sitting in my office bookshelf, just hanging out.

A few months ago I remembered I had that cute book and took it out to show Eric and tell him about my idea for the bean's room. He liked it, of course, and then he looked it up to find that it's actually worth 12 times the original price of $3.99. My little treasure is in perfect condition and I love it to pieces. The illustrations are great! I also love that it smells like an old library. 

What I decided to do with my book is this:

I had three of my favorite images enlarged on photo quality paper and then inserted them in the rustic wood frames I bought from PB about a month ago. The mats came with the frames. I've started out with three, but I might end up doing six total since the wall above the crib is fairly large and we have tall ceilings. I'm not hanging them up yet because we're going to be painting the walls in the nursery. I absolutely LOVE how bright the images came out and how they work so well with the frames. They also provide some color without over doing it. The colors also happen to work perfectly with the color scheme I'm going with and the fabric I selected for the bed skirt and glider pillow. Woo! Oh, the color scheme. Mustardy yellow, greyish blue, aquish blue, natural white, tan, and white. That might sound like a weird mix, but it totally works. I think my best girl, Kristin, and I are going to go with some sort of yellow for the walls. She's my design expert.

What do you think? Three or six? The frames are sorta large, 11X14. I guess I should probably show them up against the crib on the wall. 


estefanick said...

What a FABULOUS idea!!! I LOVE the pictures and they will be so gorgeous on the wall!!! I can't wait for you to find out on Tues. and follow as you continue your nursery decoration!! I think I will hire you when the time comes for us to have baby #2! :)

オテモヤン said...


mrs shortcake said...

Have fun at your big ultrasound today!!!! I can't wait to hear what your little bean is!

Elizabeth said...

This is a great idea! You've got me thinking about doing something similar...I'd have to find the perfect book, though. And of course decide on a nursery colors first!