Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ode to the Hubby

My honey bunny, amor, lover boy, and baby daddy, Eric-
Without you life would not be complete
and the bean in the oven would not be so sweet!
You make every day just a little bit better

even when you wear that same old brown sweater.

{no brown sweater in this picture}

You know what to say to make my smile brighter,
you take my worries away and make me feel lighter.
I'm so lucky to be your number one girl,
but perhaps in three weeks, we'll find our bean's also a sweet pearl!

{enjoying our 1-year anniversary dinner made by the hubby}

I love your warm hands and your cute little ears (don't tell him I told you)
you use those both well to calm all of my fears.
What smarts you do hold in that fairly large head
if only you could learn how not to steal covers in bed.

{testing the camera for bump pictures}

Our puppy dogs love you like the very best bone
we can't wait to see you when you're on your way home.
Life seems a whole lot more simple,
when it's just me and those adorable dimples.

{lookin' sexy in aruba} =)

Your patience and kindness are really astounding-
I want to be a part of everything you are surrounding.

I cannot tell you enough how much I really love you.
I'm sure little bean will adore you that much too.

Even though I'm the one with the bump, the hubby needs a little loving too. Isn't he cute? I think so. He's been working extra hard at work this week and getting home late.

The Bean Car Seat

I mentioned earlier this week that the hubby and I were lucky to score a fabulous deal on the car seat. It was purely by accident and we're very happy about it! We've been scoping out the things we want to get. So, we were pleasantly surprised when right after physically checking out the car seat at Babies R Us and deciding it was the one for us; we then found it at Tarjay. Woo. I should give the hubby the credit because he was the one that spotted it. I was actually looking for one for my brother's baby. What we'd get? This little looker...

{Graco Snugride 32 Infant Car Seat-Rittenhouse}

Our Baby Bargains book gave the Graco Snugride 32 an "A" grade. Then, after our really detailed explanation from the supervisor at BRU on how to properly install the seat and all the ins and outs of this fancy shmancy car seat (it's really not that fancy), we were convinced. Did you know you can get your car seat properly and certifiably installed by an expert for free!? Well, now we know. We were looking at either this one or the Chicco KeyFit 30. It turns out that the Chicco doesn't work with most universal stroller frames and it's pretty heavy. The only complaint our book has on the Graco is that it has only one crotch position. Is that really a big deal? Is it?

We ended up with this pretty little black and white pattern also by accident. It was the only one they had for the clearance price. The hubby was totally okay with it, so I went with it. Easy peasy. I guess it sells for $170 at Tarjay and we got it for $118. Yay! A better deal than the one at BRU. Oh yeah, we also noticed that BRU does price matching. That's neat considering they seem to have a lot of their items priced a bit higher than most stores.

Did we do okay?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bean the Baby

Today, I saw our baby.

It wasn't one of those, "Hey, look there. If you close your eyes 3/4 of the way and then wrinkle your nose, and then stick out your tongue sideways while tilting your head 45 degrees; you'll see it's a baby." pictures. It was a, "Holy Smokes! There's a live one in there! A REAL baby!" kind of pictures. 

I went in for the second out of three parts of the genetic testing we decided to do. We've done the first of two blood work tests to measure proteins in my blood and the sonogram. After todays appointment, we're pretty much clear of any genetic abnormalities. It was a good morning!

It was sooo ridiculously exciting to get to see our little bean doing it's real baby thing. The hubby wasn't able to make it to this appointment because he's super busy at work this week, but I called him right after it was over to give him all the details and they gave me 6 "pictures" to bring home! The bean was working every camera angle possible. It just didn't want to quit moving around. I could NOT stop smiling during the 25 minutes the technician took pictures and measurements. She pointed out almost every possible little organ that was visible. Amazing! The bean's heart rate was at 150 today. Lookin' good!

Here's the bean! I had to take pictures of the pictures because our dumb scanner decided not to work today. oh well. 

{wow, what a cute baby!
You can see the little right hand sticking out over the chest and the left arm down the side}

{the bean liked to keep his/her legs crossed at the ankles. how proper}

{close-up side shots: the profile. Look at the spine in the one on the left!
Hey, big head Johnson!}

I was also seen again by the doctor I went in to see yesterday about my horrific total-body rash. When I went in yesterday she couldn't tell me anything other than to just continue what I was doing. She asked me to come in again before my sono appointment today to have the roaming dermatologist see my freaky skin. He looked at me and quickly said it's a virus. Okay. He asked me if it's on my back; yes, it's everywhere, then again said it was probably a cold virus. What the heck?! I guess my preggers body was fighting off some kind of cold virus and the rash was the only way it presented itself to me. The other ob/gyn said that it was nothing to worry about. woo. The derm said it last about 3 weeks. Not so great. But, really, I'm very happy with the prognosis. I'm excited to know it's nothing serious and that it will go away in less than a month. It's actually already starting to look better on my chest and stomach, which was where I first noticed it. The derm said that it's normal for the first area to heal and then so forth and so on until all the areas are back to normal. Yay! Oh and the hubby suggested I take pictures just to chronicle this event. I rejected that idea immediately. I do not want some crazy ugly pictures of me anywhere. No. Thank. You.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 14

{bump covered}

{bump with doggy}

{bump exposed}

Week: On to week 14! Yeah, second trimester!
Bean Size: 3 and a half inches. It's about the size of a large lemon and the bean is weighing in at about 1 and a half ounces.
Gender: I think it may be a boy now. Too many boys in this house! I'll explain why under the "preggers bod" category
Total Weight Gain: If I'm supposed to start gaining a pound a week in my second trimester, then that would put me in at about 7 lbs. gained. I'll find out for sure at my appointment tomorrow.
Maternity Clothes?: I have to say that my Motherhood maternity jeans are the best. Their stretchy top part fits really comfortably and they don't move around like crazy. I think I'm going to buy some of their skinny jeans so I can wear them with my boots. It's been raining like crazy around here.
Sleep: I'm back to tossing and turning. I don't know what's going on!
Stretch Marks: Not around the expanding tummy. But, since I've been observing my body a little bit more lately, I noticed I have some from when I had a major growth spurt at about 11 years of age. They run along the side of my legs. They're really not noticeable unless you're staring, like I've been.
Movement: Not feeling this bean yet. He/she is only an itty bitty thing.
What I Miss: Okay, I'll go into this one some more into the preggo bod section....not itching! Not having red little bumps ALL over my body.
What I'm Looking Forward to: I'm getting a sonogram on Tuesday for the genetic testing, so I'll be receiving some new "real" baby pictures!!! I might even get some tomorrow, if they decide to check on the bean during my appointment for my itching issue.
Best Moment this Week: hhmmm...I'll get back to you on this one. It was and is sorta turning out to be a rough week.
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: Itchiness and red rash ALL over my body. Yeah, I just noticed I also mentioned this last week. Well, it's moved on to another level of horrible this week. I noticed on Wednesday that I was feeling especially itchy on my chest and stomach area, but didn't think that much of it since I'd been itchy for a while. Then, on Thursday, I noticed I had a little bit of a rash on my chest...hmmm...okay. On Friday, I was in the library at school with my students when I looked at my hands and noticed I had the same rash from my chest on my hands and fingers. Yeah, even on my fingers!! At that point I decided I needed to call the advice nurse. She suggested I take some allergy medicine and try some anti-itch lotion and if it didn't get better by tomorrow (Monday), I should go in. She asked if I'd changed anything or eaten something out of the ordinary and the only different thing was that I'd changed my body wash; from Dove to Aveeno. Really, can the Aveeno be making me itchy? How ironic. Anyhoo, I woke up on Saturday and realized it was definitely not better. That same evening I noticed it was much worse. MUCH worse. I called the nurse again and she suggested the same thing and a few other things like keeping cool and taking cool showers. She also made an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow morning. It's Sunday now and it's still pretty bad. The redness is literally all over my body, even a little on my cheeks. I feel sooo gross. The itch is controlled, but the redness is hard not to notice. I did my own research on the internet and found that what I have really resembles something called PUPPPs. It turns out the cure most doctors come up with is to give birth...yeah, I still have a lot of weeks to go. I read up on some boards and found suggestions from women that have suffered through this. I picked up some pine tar soap and I'm crossing my fingers it really works. So far, it's definitely helped with the itch, now I just hope it gets rid of the redness. Oh yeah, and about 70% of women hit with PUPPPs deliver boys. Great. We have no boy name so far. We can't agree on any. I know we've still got time.  No good things this week. poop. 

Bean Milestones: The bean can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his/her thumb! Thanks to brain impulses, his/her facial muscles are getting a workout as his/her tiny features form one expression after another. His/her kidneys are producing urine, which he/she releases into the amniotic fluid around him/her — a process she/he'll keep up until birth. He/she can grasp too!

Food Cravings: Anything tart and tangy is what I like. Here's a list of what the bean has been asking for: cranberry juice, orange juice, lemonade, any kind of berry imaginable, and meat!
How's the Rice?: He is wonderful! I think his patience has been tested this week with my itchy condition. I haven't been comfortable and therefore not the easiest person to deal with. I was also really concerned about whether or not this skin condition could affect the baby, so I was also worried. I've thanked him for his patience and help with my attitude. He even did a great job helping pick out a car seat. He's noticed how much worse my redness has gotten and this morning he went to get me some calamine lotion. He came back with flowers, some lemonade, a donut (I know, bad mommy), and my lotion. I love him!

Tid Bits: We bought our car seat this week. We weren't planning on getting it just yet, but we had to go to Babies R Us and Target to pick up a gift for my brother's baby. Their baby shower is this coming weekend and Corbin is actually going to be here in a little over a month! Anyhoo, I thought I'd take the chance to check out the carriers  I'm interested in based on what we read and learned from the Baby Bargains book. We decided on one and left BRU to go to Target and get the second part of their gift. Well, the hubby happened to scope out the exact seat we decided on at Target in a fancy little print for about $60 off the original price. There is nothing wrong with it, it was just a dented box. Sold. I've also bought some other cute accessories for the nursery this week. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

No Winner

My fabrics arrived quickly. I received half of my order yesterday and the largest part today. I'm bummed. The colors are not as they look on any pictures I found of the fabric. Weird. Even the pictures I found on that shop that sells the organic baby stuff do not look like the fabric colors in person. What the heck?!

I really love the pattern on the flannel and will probably still use it (the colors on that were correct) for something, but I'm going to see if I can return the other ones. The part that is supposed to be yellow (which is the part I loved the most) is actually GREEN! Yeah and not just kinda green, but totally green. The hubby saw it and said, "Oh, that's some green fabric." Poop. I don't want green, I want yellow! Anyways, back to the drawing board for the fabric. Not a winner.

On the other hand, I did find the fabric for the glider. Oh yeah, we have a glider. Actually, we've had a glider for months now. I found it on craigslist for $25 and I couldn't pass on the great deal. It has a little story to go with it.

When I saw the listing and picture, it looked like the one below. A nice, creamy chenille in white or at least off-white. We went to pick it up and were stuck in TERRIBLE traffic crossing the Bay Bridge into Oakland and didn't get to the family's home until dark to pick it up. I saw it in their garage with the lights on and it looked, again, like the one below.  Alrighty then, loved it, loaded it, and brought it home.

But, as I'm driving home, I keep looking at it in the rearview mirror and at some places, it looks sorta pink. Huh, pink? When I get home, we unload it and I take a look at it inside with our lights on and it's PINK! I don't know if I would have bought it knowing it was pink, but I love it now. It's soo comfy and in really great shape. For $25 dollars it was a fabulous deal. This chair is still for sale for $400, so....yeah, I got a deal.
Newco - Rounded-Back Chenille Glider, Ivory
Anyways, I did some research to find out how much it would cost to have a slipcover made and I might as well buy a new chair. Except, I know I can sew the slipcover and removable covers for the pillows (they're removable!). I think that's going to be my project this weekend. Another long weekend for me! I bought the fabric and it cost me about $50 total. That is a price I can handle.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making Your Own Sheets

I found this nifty tutorial on how to make your own crib sheet. I'm thinking of trying this out just for fun. But, I'm pretty sure I'll just go with simple white sheets.

Fitted Sheet Tutorial

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love you THIS much!

I'm working from home today. I know! How? I wish it was something cool like video teaching, alas, it is not. It is one of the most boring things ever to be doing training on the internet all day with only an hour break total. Yeah, sucks big time. I want to be napping, workin' the yoga poses, walking the perros, and eating ice cream from the place down the street.

So as I'm a whiz at multitasking (the hubby is jealous of this skill), I've been looking at a million gagillion random things on the world wide web. There are lots of pretty things to see! But, this one seems like something I can do, maybe tonight? I love a craft project.

Winter Hearts Framed Picture 3D

Although this Lovely lady in England sells them and I'm sure spends lots and lots of hours making some of her more complicated pieces, I couldn't help but think this would be a sweet piece of art to make for any part of the house. At this point, I'm only thinking baby room. But, it wouldn't definitely spice up the collage wall in the living room or the long walls in the hallway.

It looks like a heart hole punch, some pretty paper, some glue, and a shadow box frame would do the trick. You could wing it with the heart cut outs too. How about a heart to represent every day in the womb for that little baby of yours? Or the years you've loved your hubby. How about the number of times you've kissed him? You could count the fingers, toes, and paws of the creatures in your casita.

p.s. This would be a cutie DIY St. Valentine's day gift. Show your love bug(s) just how much you love 'em.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Happy Nursery

My Happy Garden has made my nursery! I found the most adorable organic fabrics today; that I truly believe there is no way that I am changing my mind. The nursery is coming together in my head after having found these fabrics.

Why don't I show you what I bought on my day off....

{Birds, are you surprised? This will be the inside of the bumper and a quilt}

{I'm thinking this for the crib skirt}

{Grass Speckle}
{The other side of the bumper}

I got my polka dots, the birds, and a little extra with the toadstools. I also bought little brown pom pom fringe to put on the bottom of the bedskirt. It looks like this...

{ I think I also want the stripes}

I'm also looking for another fabric to mix in. I'd like a pretty pattern in similar colors to work around the room and potentially use on the other side of the quilt with the bird fabric. I'm looking at the following Ana Maria Horner Flannel

{diamond mine in grass}

It looks a bit too orange in this picture, but on her website in looks a lot more like the "grass speckle" above. The polka dots in the pattern are also the light blue in the fabrics above.

I'm working in a lot of organic elements; both figurative and literal into the nursery. I bought some rustic wood frames from PB and am going with a large sisal rug with a brown or tan border. I also found some cute letterpress prints on etsy that I'm considering. I'm thinking some simple stripes on two of the walls in the room would look cute too. I don't think I want to change the wall color completely since I like the natural light greyish walls, but some stripes in a lighter shade of gray or in brown/yellow/blue would look really sweet as well.

Oh yeah, I decided to sew my own stuff. I realized it's going to be super easy to make all these things and definitely more affordable than buying it or having it made. I'm also looking forward to starting a new project and using my sewing machine that hasn't gotten much use in the last month.

p.s.  I also found a seller on etsy that makes adorable stuff with organic fabrics: Organic Quilt Company Shop.


{loving the mustardy yellow!!!}

{how cute}

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 13 Special Edition

We  had a wonderful weekend with our friends Lawrence and Elizabeth. It was soo nice getting to see them and having an opportunity to talk about babies since our due dates only 5 weeks apart! So, for the bump pictures this week, it's not just one bump, but two! Two is better than one, right?!

{back to back: Elizabeth looking slim in black}

{bump to bump: striking a pose}

Week: thirteen weeks, oh my! We're nearing the end of the first trimester.

Bean Size: a jumbo shrimp. The bean's about three inches long!
Gender: Is is February 23 yet? Elizabeth gets to find out in a week! I'm jealous. =)
Total Weight Gain: Alrighty, the verdict is in. I gained 6 lbs in the first trimester. Yikes! When I told L & E this yesterday, the hubby had to remind me that it was actually the weight I'd gained since our last appointment six weeks ago. Yeah, six weeks ago I could still wear my normal non preggers clothes, so I'm sticking to it being total for the first trimester. I'm supposed to gain a pound a week from this point on...woah. Is this really going to happen?
Maternity Clothes?: I am definitely loving the dresses with the tights or leggings. How come no one has ever told me leggings are soo comfy?! I bought some maternity tights at Tarjay and I can't wait to wear them. Elizabeth is rocking to the cutie jeans and billowy tops.
Sleep: Bed + Nancy + no alarm clock + lots of pillows = love. After hearing how well Elizabeth is sleeping with her snoodle pillow I'm thinking the hubby should get one for me.
Stretch Marks: nope. Will reverse psychology work here? Stretch marks your cool like the cute little clothes in my closet. I so wish I could wear them.
Movement: not yet. My baby-mama-to-be book says I could feel the bean as early as week 14! I've heard it feels like bubbles. I love bubbles. Hey, E, you feelin' the baby in your belly?
Status of the Button: in!
What I Miss: nothing right now. Being pregnant is fabulous!
What I'm Looking Forward to: getting a new picture of the bean. Elizabeth said I should get a bunch when they do the sonogram for the genetic testing in two weeks. I can't wait! Getting to find out what we're having.
Best Moment this Week: getting to hear the bean's heartbeat!! Most amazing thing ever. It sounded like a little train. At 166 bpm, our baby is workin' it!
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: itchiness. What isn't a symptom of pregnancy? The bump is slowly making it's way up. =)
Bean Milestones: fingerprints. Yeah! intestines inside the body. Work it bean! more proportional body. Woo hoo! At this point the bean is fully formed; it's job now is to grow, grow, and then grow a lot more.
Food Cravings: things are meaty around here. I had the best burger and salad today. I also can't get enough of juice. Cranberry, lemonade, and orange are my fave right now.
How's the Rice?: He's wonderful. He really loved hearing the heartbeat the other day. He likes the fact that is sounds like a train. I wish we could listen to it every day. When we filled out some forms at the dr. appointment one of the questions they asked me was whether I'd used a sperm donor. ha. Eric was standing right behind her. I let her know the donor was my husband.

Tid Bits: Nothing too exciting to report. We're loving our Baby Bargain book. We purchased the crib and mattress today and tomorrow I'm going to work on cleaning out the office. We're moving the guest bedroom into the office since we don't really spend much time in there. We're not putting the crib together just yet, but I'm off from work tomorrow so I want to do something useful.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Bean Bed

I think I've found the bedding I want. It's exactly the color combination and gender neutrality(is this a word?! who cares) that I was looking for. I'm going to think about it for a few days, share it with the hubby and then make my decision for sure. Although I love it now...what if I don't like it next week?!

First off, let me share the crib we went to buy on Sunday, but weren't able to get because it was not pulled down from their top shelves. I guess IKEA has a rule against taking big items down from their big shelves during store hours. I get and all, but I wanted it then! Good thing it wasn't the only thing we were picking up that day. We bought a big new dresser. What a bummer it would have been to have driven out there and not gotten anything.

{IKEA Gulliver}

Why did we decide on a crib from IKEA, you say? Well. Our baby resource book highly suggests this crib for a number of reasons. First off, it's affordable. This crib is $99! Deal. They gave this an "A" grade in contrast to well known companies getting an F (there were a lot of underachievers on the list). It's solid wood and built well. It transitions into a toddler bed. It also has simple styling. Which is what I want. Our place in the city has old Edwardian architecture and details and having a mix of furniture, like this little Swede piece is going to balance the look. It will allow the room to look fresh and modern with a twist of vintage and not like a grandma version of a nursery. Note: We're not going with their mattress. We'll be getting one from Babies R Us.

This is the dresser we're pairing it with, also from IKEA. The Hemnes.

This also has nice straight lines and a ton of storage space. We needed a new one because the one in that room is falling apart and because this baby momma has to share the dresser with the bean. Our place in the city does not have enough closet space, so I've been using the future nursery as my dressing room. I'm still going to have to keep my stuff in there. Hope the bean doesn't mind. =)

Now, the baby bedding.
crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{hey, I think that's our crib!}

crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{ooohh...grey, white, and yellow dots. love}

crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{look at all that handmade goodness}

crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{bump bump}

The etsy seller BabyDarling makes these all herself. She uses some of my favorite fabrics from Amy Butler for all the items she makes! I love me some Amy Butler! I've hoarded lots of her fabric in my stash. BabyDarling will make this baby bedding set from any of the Amy Butler fabrics that she has in her collection. I'm in heaven! But this combination of colors and fabrics just makes me soo excited. Polka dots are universal for a baby and the large botanical print doesn't really scream girly. I think the colors also help. Oh, did you see the little rhino on the blanket...she puts any little animal you want on there too.

Check out a few of her other things...
crib set. slate dots and wallflower

crib set. okra chrysanthemum

bib and burp set, grey and yellow optic linen

blue giraffe applique onesie

nursing cover. gold morning glory

I love it all!

Love for my Chuga Chuga Bean

Dear Little Bean,

I cannot stop smiling today. Your daddy and I had our 12 week appointment today and we were a-m-a-z-e-d by your strong little heart. You've given us a gift we will forever be thankful for and it makes us love you even more than words can describe. I just cannot imagine what our love for you will be like once you actually arrive. We were disappointed that we didn't get to see you today and check out that cutie little profile of yours, but I'll be seeing you in just two weeks. I think I can wait.

You did a mighty fine job of letting the doctor catch your heartbeat and the speed and the strength in it really surprised us. You're daddy said he wanted to make jokes about it while we were listening, but he chose to wait; which I'm glad he did because I couldn't get enough of that beat. Afterwards, he couldn't help himself and he said it was like a little train, "chuga chuga." Well, keep on chugging bean. We can't wait to meet you at the end of this trip!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I think I've mentioned that I don't want a typical gender-specific nursery. Yet, it seems a lot baby bedding sets and whatnots tend to be designed for either a baby girl or boy in mind. I don't want the bedding to scream "this is a baby boy's/girl's room." I have this vision in my mind that it will be a soothing palette, maybe something in the soft yellows, blue/greys, white, tan, and greens; maybe even a dash of orange. I love patterns and think an interesting design in the fabric will be more appealing to me than what I've seen so far. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?!

That's just me. Remember, I'm a fabric addict.

Well, this fabric/lovely pattern addict has found a collection of adorable baby bedding sets. Check these babies out! Now, if I could only win the lottery in order to make these mine.

{for the little "fancy nancy??}

{such a pretty pattern and colors}

{love this one}

{this is probably my favorite one. Okay so, it is a little girly}

Now, if I'm up for it, I may be able to make/sew my own set! The smarties over at Serena and Lily even sell their fabrics by the yard. I love fabric. How about...

{this one}

{this one}

{or this one. I love me some polka dots!}

{or that one!}

I just don't know how I'll ever decide. The price of these fab fabrics will probably help make the decision a lot easier for me. So, the search continues.

Any suggestions on where to get cutie baby bedding from?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lookie Lookie at my Birdie!

During my morning blog roll reading, I found this! I didn't take a breath, I simply clicked and bought it...immediately! It's the perfect oh-so-cutie-birdie-baby-but-not-too-baby-mobile. Just what I imagined for our simple nursery.
Migration Mobile
I'm sure they're selling faster that hotcakes (yumm....pancakes...). You can find it for a mere $15.99 over at Sundance.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 12

Our twelfth week! Such a milestone for us! In only 3 more days, we will get to see our bean (lookin' like a real baby this time!!!!) and get to hear it's heartbeat. We've seen the flashing of the little heart, but since it's been six weeks since our last appointment, it will now be big and strong enough to be heard with the doppler. I CANNOT WAIT!! I wish we could just flash forward to Thursday morning. poof!

{bump covered.
Sorry, I know it's not the best pic. Boo is actually holding onto my hands
and looking up at me, but he was cut out of the picture. boo}

{bare bump}

{navel gazing shot}

Week: oh yeah. week 12!
Bean Size: a large plum! a size large.
Gender: we'll find out on February 23! I'm crossing my fingers for a human.
Total Weight Gain: The hubby said I can step on his bathroom scale....umm...I'll just wait till the doctor on Thursday.
Maternity Clothes?: it's weird how a lot of my tops are all of a sudden short! They must have shrunk. I can't seem to pull them down far enough to cover my stretchy pregger pants and or bella band.
Sleep: I LOVE sleeping. Now that I'm back at work it's sooooo hard getting up in the morning. I daydream about getting home to take a nap every-single-day. Weekends are fabulous for sleeping. It's actually been a lot better since getting the body pillow. I highly recommend it.
Stretch Marks: nope, it's not supposed to happen based on my momma. But, I had a moment this week when I looked at my belly before getting in the shower and noticed some red marks on the right side of the bump. I just about had a cow. I thought, "There is no freakin' way!" I then realized my tank must have gotten bunched on that side of my tummy.
Movement: nope. Not for a while. But, I can't wait!
Status of the Button: in! If it's WAY in, can be still come out later?
What I Miss: soft cheese and fitting into my cute jeans
What I'm Looking Forward to: our appointment on Thursday!
Best Moment this Week: someone from work (that I don't really talk to much) asking me if I am expecting. Hey! I must look preggers! I asked her why she thought I was and she replied by saying, "You're pretty slim and I've noticed you're getting bigger in the front." tee-hee Telling my students and they being so excited. It's just too cute. They want me to tell them everything. One boy asked me today if we're going to find out the sex. I told him we are and he replied by saying he'd really like to know too. One of my classes is trying to help us pick names and another class wants to throw me a baby shower. Okay, I love my students! The hubby telling me I have a pregnant glow. So sweet!
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: a bigger hard little belly. yeah! It's really in there! Breaking out on my chin. poopers.
Bean Milestones: the bean's fetal digestive system is beginning to practice contraction movements so he/she can eat someday, and it's bone marrow is busy making white blood cells — weapons against germs once the bean's out of your safe haven. The pituitary gland (at the base of the brain) has started producing the hormones that'll enable him (or her) to make babies of his (or her) own in a couple of decades or so.
Food Cravings: still loving the meat, specifically the beef. Yumm! No crazy cravings, although the hubby said I'm definitely more vocal about when I'm hungry and need to eat, stat. I agree. I gotta eat.
How's the Rice?: fabulous! What can I say? I'm lucky. He's totally into the idea of buying furniture and preparing the bean room. We bought this book titled, Baby Bargains, that was suggested by some friends (someone Eric used to work with) and it's been such a help. It gives a grade to EVERYTHING baby related.

Tid Bits: My first week back at work was easy enough. I only had the kids for four days and that made a humongous difference. I also am only seeing them four times this week because I'm going to be out on the day of our appointment. I can't request a sub for only part of the day, oh well. Then, the next two weeks are four day weeks as well because we have Monday's off for holidays. Yes! I'm going to see if there's a way to get through the entire year with only having to work four days a week. Just kidding. That would be nice though. I'll post some bean pictures later this week. Did I mention I can't wait?!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Monkey

Growing up, my mom called my brothers and I "little monkeys," so it's only fitting my little monkey should wear one of these.  I mean, he/she will be around 5 months in December, so the bean will need a winter hat. This might be the one. =)

{seriously, so cute}

{for the girly baby monkey}

You can get your very own monkey at Cite Fuzz.