Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Bean: Three Years Old

My baby bean just turned three years old on Thursday. She's closer to five than not and that is just crazy.

My sweet baby girl. Everyday I look at you and cannot believe that you're mine. I am amazed at who you are and how you are changing and growing every single day. You are an impressive little girl that makes us smile and stare at you in awe from all the things you do. You're hilarious, creative, silly, funny, and downright awesome.

At the moment you love making up songs about any little thing. We giggle as your little voice quivers as you extend certain notes. Your love of water has not wavered and you are enamored with being in water, near it, looking at it, and especially playing it in with your mermaid dolls. Taking a bath with Sebastian at the end of the day is a constant request. You will only wear dresses, love having your hair done, and donning as many articles of jewelry as possible; you are certainly a girly girl and most definitely my daughter. You're bilingual. This makes me unbelievably proud and the sound of your voice as you pronounce words is Spanish is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard.

You've always been very sweet and loving, but I feel that at this age you are returning the love with great measure. You are always wanting to be held, kissed, and loved on. You impress us with your good manners and I always smile at hearing you say "please," "thank you," and "gracias" without being prompted. But hearing you say, "I love you mommy," is just the cherry on top. 

You love your brother with so much force; both literally and figuratively. Sometimes it's a little too much and you're learning to take it a little easy. I can foresee the sibling rivalry and the love you will have for one another. It makes my heart fill with so much joy to see you both smile and laugh at one another as you play together. I am so thankful that you have each other. 

 You have boundless energy and a love for life that I cannot put into words. You are the most wonderful daughter and I cannot believe how lucky we are to have you, Amélie Sophia.

Happy Third Birthday my sweet girl. I love you to the moon and back a million times over.