Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rice and Beans: Month Four

I wrote this a week before Amélie's four month birthday and never posted it because I never got around to adding pictures...she's over five months now. oops!

Dearest Amélie,

Every month of your life has brought forth many changes, yet this fourth month was full of the most dynamic changes we have seen. Therefore, I will characterize this month in one word: Change.

The most drastic of all the changes was me going back to work. You and I had been in our blissful "mommy and me" bubble; with days overlapping and the routines, smiles, playtimes, and kisses running one unto the other. I could have lived the rest of my life enjoying every second of every one of those days and I'm very thankful that I really took advantage of that time. No awake time was spent with me finishing laundry or washed dishes. Nope, you became the center of my universe and I absolutely loved it. I'm not sure your daddy loved taking on new duties, but he never seemed upset. I dreaded even the thought of returning to work and those feelings were quantified once I actually did start.

That first week was extremely hard for both of us. I was not and still am not getting enough sleep, I miss you soo much, and you had a difficult time with waking up earlier and not napping enough during the day. But, by the end of that week, you had adapted quite well, where, I, on the other hand, have still not gotten used to it. People say it gets easier, people say I'll get used to it...well, what if I don't want to? It's been a month and it's still not easier and I'm definitely not getting used to it. Work is work and it's really not that bad. But, I miss you every day and I would rather be with you a million times over being at work. I try not to think about all the little things you're doing while I'm not there and I hope that they will be as shiny and new to you when I see them for the first time. I'm taking the time we have together and putting those memories somewhere where I can bring them up when I feel like crying when I'm at work and I'll treasure the moments we have together in the later hours of each day and every weekend because  they are what get me through each work week.

You, little bird, have changed and grown so much. You've acquired some new blondie/brown growth on the crown of your head. As your daddy pointed out, this will probably be the only time that I will ever purposely make your hair stick up because I absolutely love the way it curls at the end and makes you just a little more unique. The rolls on your legs have also gotten a little bit bigger and those cheeks have filled out just a little bit more. You're love for the milky is undeniable and we're seeing it in your growth. Your eyes continue to change, one day they're true blue and other days they're green. My guess is they'll be similar to your daddy's with blue around the edges and green close to the center.

As I share what you are like with others and from the kinds words of people that have met you, we have decided you have a golden personality. You have the most beautiful gummy smile where you stick your tongue out just a bit and lift your shoulders as your whole body smiles too. You are not quick to make judgements on people, instead you observe and then provide smiles as your way of approval. Also, fussing, crying, and grouchy faces are not your style. You much prefer being a happy laid back baby and we love you so much and appreciate that since your daddy and I are in fact pretty laid back people as well. We see this in the way you're okay with just hanging out in your crib while I get things ready for you and as you laugh hearty giggles randomly and purposefully throughout the day.

Your keen observations extend beyond people. Color and movement attract your attention and you're taking it all in and learning. You're a perky little thing with a lot of interest and we hope these characteristics stay with you for the rest of your life.

Thank you, mi amor, for allowing us to be your mommy and daddy. You have been the best change in our lives.

mommy and daddy

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back and Better Than EVER!

In two weeks I will officially be a stay-at-home mom.!

I've been away from the blog a while because life has been full. Full in a good, but also in a not so good way. There's lots to say, but I think I will save it for another day or perhaps only save it for our close friends (you'll know soon, girls!) because it really is very complicated. But, the gist of it is that we're moving out of the City, closer to the hubby's work; I'm not going to work anymore, the doggies will get a yard to run in again, and I get to be at home with my baby girl

I turned in my letter of resignation today and I can breathe just a little better and forget the fact that I'm tired on this dreary Monday morning because life will be less complicated soon.

There are lots of pictures and stories to be told about our growing girl and I'll get to those as soon as life slows down a bit.