Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tatos, Eche, and Niighe

In the last few months, Amélie's been slowly picking up a lot of new words in her vocabulary. She "talks" pretty much all day, but there are a few words that are distinctly obvious interpretations of real words. It's amazing to me how much she understands. Anything I ask her to do, she follows and she can respond correctly to many simple questions. Oh, and of course this is all mostly in Spanish since that's all she hears from mommy. Yet, she still has managed to pick up just as many words in English. Since most of these words will eventually be pronounced correctly, I wanted to make a list of what she knows now, at 19 months, and says in her cute little girl pronunciations.

tatos = zapatos = shoes
tines = calcetines = socks
eche = leche = milk
baeby = baby - she stretches out the "a"- she calls human and dolls alike
daggy = doggy - She knows when I say perrito, it means doggy
gato = gato = cat
agua= agua = water - although she likes to call anything in her sippy cup water
bubbas = bubbles
niighe = nice
uh oh
wow - it always surprises me that she knows exactly when to use "uh oh" and "wow"
si = yes
pee-pee = I believe this is obvious in both languages. She's currently potty training herself. She started it.
nana = banana
mMMmmm = yumm- she emphasizes the capital "m"
zana = manzana = apple
ousigh = outside
bajo = abajo = down
mimi = dormir = bedtime- she also has a special blankie that she calls mimi since she's almost always used it for bed
bye-bye - says this to anything and everyone!
doe = dos = two
ballo = caballo = horse
shoo = shoes
mine -  with real emphasis on the "n." Yeah, not so thrilled about this one.
no, no, no, no, no = no. Also, not wonderful to hear sometimes.
mami = mommy
coco = Rosco, the dog
nigh nigh = night night

Really, at this point, there's something new everyday. She's constantly repeating words I say and adding them to her vocabulary. She's currently in love with the alphabet song and will ask us to sing and help her point to the letters in her A, B, C book. She sings along, although it's very far from accurate but completely adorable.

We've met other kids her age and they have a larger vocabulary, but I'm not worried. She's a sponge right now and she's bilingual. It's expected that her language development will be different and a bit slower.

All this in conjunction with her daily doings (she's hilarious to us) just makes me feel like my baby isn't much of a baby anymore. I'm considering not celebrating anymore birthdays from now on. That'll make her stop aging, right?