Friday, January 1, 2010

The Business of Being Born

Some women (or people) will argue that it's never too early to think about the birthing plan. It seems like the nine months that we're happy to have in order to plan and prepare actually end up going faster than you'd think. We're already close to ending our third month and that is surprising and exciting.

I'm the type to explore every possible angle of something I'm interested in or in this case taking part in. So as I've been reading as much as possible, the topic of a birthing plan has already come up. It actually was brought up by my best friend's husband on the day we told them our happy news. He suggested watching the documentary, "The Business of Being Born." Just this week, I found in on the internet and started watching it. I haven't finished it, but what I have seen/heard has really stuck with me.

The hubby and I have had a few conversations about the birthing plan and it seems we're very much in agreement on what I (we) want. We know that a midwife/doula may be offered through our plan, but if not, we're leaning towards hiring one ourselves since my healthcare plan covers EVERYTHING. Meaning, we don't have to pay any additional fees, except for my $15 co-pay (that I only have to pay once for the entire pregnancy). We're very lucky and happy about that. Now, we still want the hospital/obgyn thing, but perhaps also the addition of a midwife. We haven't come to any conclusions yet since we want to talk to my doctor first, but it's nice to think we have options.

Anyhoo, the movie is very interesting and I highly suggest watching it. Maybe I'll finish it after this post...

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