Friday, January 22, 2010

No Winner

My fabrics arrived quickly. I received half of my order yesterday and the largest part today. I'm bummed. The colors are not as they look on any pictures I found of the fabric. Weird. Even the pictures I found on that shop that sells the organic baby stuff do not look like the fabric colors in person. What the heck?!

I really love the pattern on the flannel and will probably still use it (the colors on that were correct) for something, but I'm going to see if I can return the other ones. The part that is supposed to be yellow (which is the part I loved the most) is actually GREEN! Yeah and not just kinda green, but totally green. The hubby saw it and said, "Oh, that's some green fabric." Poop. I don't want green, I want yellow! Anyways, back to the drawing board for the fabric. Not a winner.

On the other hand, I did find the fabric for the glider. Oh yeah, we have a glider. Actually, we've had a glider for months now. I found it on craigslist for $25 and I couldn't pass on the great deal. It has a little story to go with it.

When I saw the listing and picture, it looked like the one below. A nice, creamy chenille in white or at least off-white. We went to pick it up and were stuck in TERRIBLE traffic crossing the Bay Bridge into Oakland and didn't get to the family's home until dark to pick it up. I saw it in their garage with the lights on and it looked, again, like the one below.  Alrighty then, loved it, loaded it, and brought it home.

But, as I'm driving home, I keep looking at it in the rearview mirror and at some places, it looks sorta pink. Huh, pink? When I get home, we unload it and I take a look at it inside with our lights on and it's PINK! I don't know if I would have bought it knowing it was pink, but I love it now. It's soo comfy and in really great shape. For $25 dollars it was a fabulous deal. This chair is still for sale for $400, so....yeah, I got a deal.
Newco - Rounded-Back Chenille Glider, Ivory
Anyways, I did some research to find out how much it would cost to have a slipcover made and I might as well buy a new chair. Except, I know I can sew the slipcover and removable covers for the pillows (they're removable!). I think that's going to be my project this weekend. Another long weekend for me! I bought the fabric and it cost me about $50 total. That is a price I can handle.


mrs shortcake said...

What I like to do is go to Fabricland and search for the fabrics I've seen online - then, if I see a good sale online, I have a better idea of what the patterns look like!

mrs shortcake said...

Oh, also, my aunt and mom are probably making my nursery bedding, but I found this site and a lot of girls LOVE IT for custom bedding: