Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Bean Bed

I think I've found the bedding I want. It's exactly the color combination and gender neutrality(is this a word?! who cares) that I was looking for. I'm going to think about it for a few days, share it with the hubby and then make my decision for sure. Although I love it now...what if I don't like it next week?!

First off, let me share the crib we went to buy on Sunday, but weren't able to get because it was not pulled down from their top shelves. I guess IKEA has a rule against taking big items down from their big shelves during store hours. I get and all, but I wanted it then! Good thing it wasn't the only thing we were picking up that day. We bought a big new dresser. What a bummer it would have been to have driven out there and not gotten anything.

{IKEA Gulliver}

Why did we decide on a crib from IKEA, you say? Well. Our baby resource book highly suggests this crib for a number of reasons. First off, it's affordable. This crib is $99! Deal. They gave this an "A" grade in contrast to well known companies getting an F (there were a lot of underachievers on the list). It's solid wood and built well. It transitions into a toddler bed. It also has simple styling. Which is what I want. Our place in the city has old Edwardian architecture and details and having a mix of furniture, like this little Swede piece is going to balance the look. It will allow the room to look fresh and modern with a twist of vintage and not like a grandma version of a nursery. Note: We're not going with their mattress. We'll be getting one from Babies R Us.

This is the dresser we're pairing it with, also from IKEA. The Hemnes.

This also has nice straight lines and a ton of storage space. We needed a new one because the one in that room is falling apart and because this baby momma has to share the dresser with the bean. Our place in the city does not have enough closet space, so I've been using the future nursery as my dressing room. I'm still going to have to keep my stuff in there. Hope the bean doesn't mind. =)

Now, the baby bedding.
crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{hey, I think that's our crib!}

crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{ooohh...grey, white, and yellow dots. love}

crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{look at all that handmade goodness}

crib set, grey and yellow optic linen
{bump bump}

The etsy seller BabyDarling makes these all herself. She uses some of my favorite fabrics from Amy Butler for all the items she makes! I love me some Amy Butler! I've hoarded lots of her fabric in my stash. BabyDarling will make this baby bedding set from any of the Amy Butler fabrics that she has in her collection. I'm in heaven! But this combination of colors and fabrics just makes me soo excited. Polka dots are universal for a baby and the large botanical print doesn't really scream girly. I think the colors also help. Oh, did you see the little rhino on the blanket...she puts any little animal you want on there too.

Check out a few of her other things...
crib set. slate dots and wallflower

crib set. okra chrysanthemum

bib and burp set, grey and yellow optic linen

blue giraffe applique onesie

nursing cover. gold morning glory

I love it all!

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