Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bean the Baby

Today, I saw our baby.

It wasn't one of those, "Hey, look there. If you close your eyes 3/4 of the way and then wrinkle your nose, and then stick out your tongue sideways while tilting your head 45 degrees; you'll see it's a baby." pictures. It was a, "Holy Smokes! There's a live one in there! A REAL baby!" kind of pictures. 

I went in for the second out of three parts of the genetic testing we decided to do. We've done the first of two blood work tests to measure proteins in my blood and the sonogram. After todays appointment, we're pretty much clear of any genetic abnormalities. It was a good morning!

It was sooo ridiculously exciting to get to see our little bean doing it's real baby thing. The hubby wasn't able to make it to this appointment because he's super busy at work this week, but I called him right after it was over to give him all the details and they gave me 6 "pictures" to bring home! The bean was working every camera angle possible. It just didn't want to quit moving around. I could NOT stop smiling during the 25 minutes the technician took pictures and measurements. She pointed out almost every possible little organ that was visible. Amazing! The bean's heart rate was at 150 today. Lookin' good!

Here's the bean! I had to take pictures of the pictures because our dumb scanner decided not to work today. oh well. 

{wow, what a cute baby!
You can see the little right hand sticking out over the chest and the left arm down the side}

{the bean liked to keep his/her legs crossed at the ankles. how proper}

{close-up side shots: the profile. Look at the spine in the one on the left!
Hey, big head Johnson!}

I was also seen again by the doctor I went in to see yesterday about my horrific total-body rash. When I went in yesterday she couldn't tell me anything other than to just continue what I was doing. She asked me to come in again before my sono appointment today to have the roaming dermatologist see my freaky skin. He looked at me and quickly said it's a virus. Okay. He asked me if it's on my back; yes, it's everywhere, then again said it was probably a cold virus. What the heck?! I guess my preggers body was fighting off some kind of cold virus and the rash was the only way it presented itself to me. The other ob/gyn said that it was nothing to worry about. woo. The derm said it last about 3 weeks. Not so great. But, really, I'm very happy with the prognosis. I'm excited to know it's nothing serious and that it will go away in less than a month. It's actually already starting to look better on my chest and stomach, which was where I first noticed it. The derm said that it's normal for the first area to heal and then so forth and so on until all the areas are back to normal. Yay! Oh and the hubby suggested I take pictures just to chronicle this event. I rejected that idea immediately. I do not want some crazy ugly pictures of me anywhere. No. Thank. You.


estefanick said...

I'm so glad to hear that it is "only" a virus.... although it still sounds terrible!! Hang in there and make sure Eric has a plan to take you somewhere nice when the rash is gone! :)

Stephanie said...

Yep - that's definitely a baby in there!!! How exciting. I assume they couldn't figure out the gender yet? :)

Glad to hear it's not PUPPP and that it should clear up on its own soon. And hey, so you're back to a50/50 chance for a girl or boy. ;-)

Angela said...

The sonogram pictures look amazing--it's got to be so cool to see your little one :)

I'll add my relief that the rash is not something serious--viruses are such weird things sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! That little bean looks healthy and beautiful. That's so cute that you took pictures of them in order to be able to post them. Glad to hear that you're in the clear with your rash. I hope it goes away very soon.