Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 13 Special Edition

We  had a wonderful weekend with our friends Lawrence and Elizabeth. It was soo nice getting to see them and having an opportunity to talk about babies since our due dates only 5 weeks apart! So, for the bump pictures this week, it's not just one bump, but two! Two is better than one, right?!

{back to back: Elizabeth looking slim in black}

{bump to bump: striking a pose}

Week: thirteen weeks, oh my! We're nearing the end of the first trimester.

Bean Size: a jumbo shrimp. The bean's about three inches long!
Gender: Is is February 23 yet? Elizabeth gets to find out in a week! I'm jealous. =)
Total Weight Gain: Alrighty, the verdict is in. I gained 6 lbs in the first trimester. Yikes! When I told L & E this yesterday, the hubby had to remind me that it was actually the weight I'd gained since our last appointment six weeks ago. Yeah, six weeks ago I could still wear my normal non preggers clothes, so I'm sticking to it being total for the first trimester. I'm supposed to gain a pound a week from this point on...woah. Is this really going to happen?
Maternity Clothes?: I am definitely loving the dresses with the tights or leggings. How come no one has ever told me leggings are soo comfy?! I bought some maternity tights at Tarjay and I can't wait to wear them. Elizabeth is rocking to the cutie jeans and billowy tops.
Sleep: Bed + Nancy + no alarm clock + lots of pillows = love. After hearing how well Elizabeth is sleeping with her snoodle pillow I'm thinking the hubby should get one for me.
Stretch Marks: nope. Will reverse psychology work here? Stretch marks your cool like the cute little clothes in my closet. I so wish I could wear them.
Movement: not yet. My baby-mama-to-be book says I could feel the bean as early as week 14! I've heard it feels like bubbles. I love bubbles. Hey, E, you feelin' the baby in your belly?
Status of the Button: in!
What I Miss: nothing right now. Being pregnant is fabulous!
What I'm Looking Forward to: getting a new picture of the bean. Elizabeth said I should get a bunch when they do the sonogram for the genetic testing in two weeks. I can't wait! Getting to find out what we're having.
Best Moment this Week: getting to hear the bean's heartbeat!! Most amazing thing ever. It sounded like a little train. At 166 bpm, our baby is workin' it!
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: itchiness. What isn't a symptom of pregnancy? The bump is slowly making it's way up. =)
Bean Milestones: fingerprints. Yeah! intestines inside the body. Work it bean! more proportional body. Woo hoo! At this point the bean is fully formed; it's job now is to grow, grow, and then grow a lot more.
Food Cravings: things are meaty around here. I had the best burger and salad today. I also can't get enough of juice. Cranberry, lemonade, and orange are my fave right now.
How's the Rice?: He's wonderful. He really loved hearing the heartbeat the other day. He likes the fact that is sounds like a train. I wish we could listen to it every day. When we filled out some forms at the dr. appointment one of the questions they asked me was whether I'd used a sperm donor. ha. Eric was standing right behind her. I let her know the donor was my husband.

Tid Bits: Nothing too exciting to report. We're loving our Baby Bargain book. We purchased the crib and mattress today and tomorrow I'm going to work on cleaning out the office. We're moving the guest bedroom into the office since we don't really spend much time in there. We're not putting the crib together just yet, but I'm off from work tomorrow so I want to do something useful.


Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I love seeing the pictures of Elizabeth (and you too of course, Nancy). I tried to talk her into starting a blog of her own so we could see her belly grow! Congrats on buying the crib and mattress - what a fun step!

mrs shortcake said...

I love following your journey - our similarities make me feel much better! (ex. you have a cute bump, I have a cute bump = shame on the people who say I shouldn't show yet).
I'm so anxious for our big U/S too! Are you going to find out the sex?

Stephanie said...

How fun to see you and Elizabeth together! And look at that bump grow. :) How is it you're getting so many ultrasounds? Kaiser only gave me three! The first when Charlotte was itty bitty (6 and 8 weeks) and then the big one at 20... lucky girl!

estefanick said...

I loved seeing both of you and your cute bellies!! :)