Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 11

Here we are again! This time in a new year! We've very excited that this little bean project is moving along smoothly without confronting any bumps for a few weeks now. We're also getting oh-so-close to the end of the first trimester! woo.

{the uniform: bump covered}

{bump: revealed}

{navel gazing shot}

Week: moving through week 11!
Bean Size: a lime
Gender: we'll find out on February 23! We just want a healthy baby. But I think girls are more fun. =)
Total Weight Gain: I don't think I want to know. I'm scared to look. So my best guess is 3or 4lbs.
Maternity Clothes?: yes, please. Mostly for the bottoms. Seriously though, I don't know how many times a day I pull up my pants because they're saggin'. I'm not a boy in high school and that is seriously not the look I'm going for, so, from this point on, my goal is try and only buy skirts and dresses. They are WAY more comfy.
Sleep: I actually have slept well most of the nights this past week. woo. I'm really trying to convince the hubby to make the dogs sleep outside our bedroom, but he is such a sucker for a whiny dog. He quickly succumbs to their cuteness. I have to agree it is hard to resist. But, a happy wifey is better for him, right?! I did get a body pillow at Tarjay and I believe it's helped me get more comfortable. I still love naps!
Stretch Marks: nope and they probably won't make a debut...ever. It's supposed to be hereditary and my momma and her momma never got them. Considering my grandma had 14 kiddos, I think I'm good. But, for good measure and because I like it when the hubby rubs my tummy and back with oil, I'm sticking with the bio-oil.
Movement: nope. Not for a while.
Status of the Button: this suckas not going anywhere. in!
What I Miss: wine, sushi, and working out hard core (okay, so maybe I don't miss this one that much, but I do miss kickboxing)
What I'm Looking Forward to: getting to hear the frijolito's heartbeat next week and getting a new picture!
Best Moment this Week: not having terrible heartburn. Please let it have been a first trimester only symptom!! The hubby calling out to the bean, ie. him rubbing my tummy and saying "Hellooo..down there..."
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: new boobage. Yay! sensitive boobage. poop.
Bean Milestones: growing hair follicles, fingernails, and ovaries (if she's a girl). The bean has distinct human characteristics by now, with hands and feet in front of the body, ears nearly in their final shape, open nasal passages on the tip of his/her tiny nose, a tongue and palate in the mouth, and visible nipples. Hooray!
Food Cravings: I'm sticking with meat. Oh, and berries. Just call me the berry monster! Me want berries!!! I'll even take that cutie baby Berry we saw last night. =)
How's the Rice?: the hubby is amazing! I am soo lucky. I already knew that, but I'm yet again reminded. He's excited and really getting into everything with me. Yay! It's so cute when we see babies and he points them out to me and then comments on how cute they are. Sooo cute!
Tid Bits: I have to go back to work tomorrow. ugh. I really don't want to. It's been so nice to be home and be able to take a nap whenever I want. I'll have to also start figuring out what work clothes will fit me properly. At this point, I still kinda look like I've eaten one too many burritos with extra frijoles, but I'm wondering what the students are going to say or think when they see me this week. They're probably going to be thinking I ate WAY too much over break. hehe. But, I'm not sure if I really need to make an announcement to them. I feel a little weird about that. I'll be like, "Hey kids,, you're teacher's been knocked up, so you'll have to be super nice to me and when I'm about to bite your head off, you know I have an excuse. Thank you for listening. Now, be smart and go forward...quietly! I'll be over here on the couch if you need me." Then, I should probably tell my department. That'll be okay.

Oh, and the hubby and I bought some super cutie wall vinyl decals that I will probably use. They're little branches with leaves and birdies. SOO cute! You can arrange the leaves and birds in any way you like.I bought them because we love the birdie theme, but also they were on super duper sale at on a shop on Valencia. We couldn't resist.

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Stephanie said...

Hmm, I do see a change from last week to this one! Great to see you yesterday. As for the heartburn, I didn't have it in my first trimester, but it was so horrible in my third that I had to take a prescription to keep it intact. It worked wonders.