Monday, December 28, 2009

Kokopax Carrier

I absolutely love the idea of a baby carrier. The hubby has already asked if he can have a Baby Bjorn. How cute is that?! Seeing as I have plenty of time to make a well-researched list on the supplies we'll need for the bean, we're going to make sure that we're only going to get the things we absolutely need. We're thinking simplicity when it comes to baby products. The hubby and I were a little surprised at the number of things available after our first Babies R Us visit (we were there getting something for my brother's baby). We'll see how true we stay to our philosophy.

Anyhoo. I was reading a baby related blog when I came upon an image of this carrier. Seriously, how cute is it?! That's probably what got me first. The fabric. Yup. That's me. Then, I realized I should do a little research on this cutie carrier and find out whether it should be something added to our list.

Here's the details on it according to their website:

The kokopax classic carrier offers a fresh new take on the traditional framed carrier. Designed as the go-to gear for the cheers and chores of daily life, the fashionable, lightweight and easy-to-use carrier offers a safe and comfortable ride for baby.

  • made with 100% cotton canvas  
  • anodized aluminum frame
  • comfortable shoulder straps  
  • adjustable frame to fit individual user  
  • padded waist support  
  • handy storage pocket  
  • kickstand for easy loading  
  • 5-pt. safety harness  
  • ties to secure pax protector™
  • toy ring to attach koko™ or other toys
  • weighs approximately 2.7 lbs.
  • fits in airline overhead bins
  • makes a great every day baby backpack
  • for use from 6 months to 2 years (or up to 35 pounds)
  • patent pending
  • includes green carry bag

Now, what I've read from different sources:
  1. It's nice because it's up high.
  2. You can put the baby down still in it and their feet will dangle.
  3. It's comfortable, especially if you're prone to back pain.
  4. It doesn't have a gagillion straps to deal with.
  5. Babies love it.
  6. It's not super heavy like other carriers.
  7. It's about $150.00.
  8. Six different fabric options!
  9. Daddys like it too.

 This seems like a nice option for a baby 6 months or older up until he/she is 35 lbs. Thirty-five pounds sounds like a lot of weight to be carrying on my back for hours, but perhaps the baby daddy will feel different about this.

List or not to list: I think we would list this one, but it's still to early for it.

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Elizabeth said...

I also researched carriers today and settled on the Ergo brand carrier. All the reviews said it was very comfortable, with a waist strap that takes the weight off your shoulders (unlike the baby bjorn). Also you can carry the baby on the front or back. Downside is the baby can't sit looking forward. I like that this one sits on the floor, too; that's a nice feature!