Monday, March 15, 2010

The Bean Stroller

Not surprisingly I changed my mind about the stroller. I thought we'd decided on the Bumbleride Flyer, but I changed my mind after finally getting some one-on-one help from a stroller expert at the baby store. The first time we went on a Saturday, it was CRAZY. There were so many people there and it was nearly impossible to get an employee's attention. When we finally did get some help, our employee wasn't the most informed or experienced. She was helpful, but we definitely lacked information and comparisons. We still left thinking we'd found the winner, until I stopped into a small baby store in Corte Madera last week. The employee at this store was super helpful and suggested another stroller for our lifestyle. We don't drive very much, we walk almost everywhere or take the train, the stroller is not going to be collapsed very often, we live in the city...etc. I also returned to Lullaby Lane today (I had the day off!) to get more advice, since the store in Corte Madera didn't carry the Bumbleride Flyer, and an opportunity to ask all the questions I wanted. I left the store again convinced that the one we needed was not the Bumbleride, although it is a very nice stroller, but instead the UPPAbaby.

{UPPAbaby Vista in Carlin Green}

This is why the hubby and I were convinced:
  • bassinet- the baby can sleep comfortably from day one in it. It detaches from the frame and can be used as an in-home bassinet. You can purchase a stand through UPPAbaby for lots of money or a generic stand for a lot less. We figured this will be really nice until the bean is moved permanently over to her crib. The mattress inside is cozy.
  • big basket- it's got a huge basket! 
  • big wheels- the tires are solid and can be used on more "off-road" type of terrain as opposed to the smaller wheels on the Bumbleride flyer. I don't know how often we'll really be doing that type of riding, but it's an option. The bigger wheels also allow for easier maneuvering. Also, if they are in any way damaged; you can replace the wheels without having to purchase a new stroller. 
  • car seat attachment- you can purchase a car seat adapter for a really small price and use it with the car seat. We were thinking of buying the stroller base a lot of you girls suggested, but this will work the same. 
{Graco adapter on Vista}

  • easy fold- That is self explanatory. They compare this one to the Bugaboo a lot and this one folds a whole lot easier and faster than the Bugaboo. It also allows you to fold it down with the toddler seat in place. The Bugaboo does not. 
  • toddler seat- The toddler seat has lots of options for sitting upright or reclining. 
  • We found one on Craigslist!- I knew there was no way the hubby would be okay with spending $700 on a stroller, especially since I'm not willing to, so I started looking on Craigslist after my visit at the baby store last week. I had to find it for a deal in order to get the hubby to buy in and I found one yesterday! The problem with the one on Craigslist, no toddler seat. The solution: When I went into Lullaby Lane today I asked about buying just the toddler seat and it's possible to do that. Yay! The cool thing about this stroller system is that you can purchase all the parts separately, if needed. One thing breaks, you only have to replace that one part. So, we bought the one on Craigslist at a super fabulous deal and plan on getting the toddler seat later. The cost of doing that is still cheaper than the Bumbleride Flyer and the toddler seat will be brand-spankin' new! I also get to pick the color. I'll probably just pick the classic black. The one we brought home tonight is the color in the picture. I love green, but you can't go wrong with black. =)
  • rumbleseat- when we do decide to have another bean, we can use the same stroller to carry BOTH of our frijolitos. 
{Rumbleseat behind car seat}
{Rumbleseat behind toddler seat}


Maggie said...

Congrats on that major purchase! It sounds like you indeed found the perfect stroller at a great price. Not surprised - great job!

estefanick said...

I have never seen this stroller... it looks perfect!!! Congrats on finding another deal!! :)