Monday, March 22, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 22

{There they go}

{The bump}

{The bump snug as a bug}

Week: hola week 22
Bean Size: Chiquita, you are now the size of a spaghetti squash or about 8 whole inches! They also say you are one entire pound. Keep packin' on that fatty!
Total Weight Gain: I was right, although I was freaked out when I went to the doctor and came up with 7 lbs. more than my last visit. My doctor appointments are usually in the morning after I've only had a small breakfast. This last week it was in the late afternoon, not too long after I'd eaten my afternoon snack (or meal?) and had sipped tons of water. The next day I weighed myself after my breakfast and the scale went down by 3 lbs. Phew! I'm officially at 14 lbs. added to my original weight. I brought up the weight with my doctor because it surprised me and he said it was nothing to worry about. He complimented me on the bump and he thought I looked healthy and great. Why, thank you doctor. He reminded me I'm over halfway and that it's not bad.
Maternity Clothes?: Si. I went to Nordstrom's Rack this past week and found some cute non-maternity tops and a fun dress. It wasn't much cheaper than the real maternity stuff, but it was definitely more stylish. I love jersey. Oh, I also bought some maternity leggings from Target. Love them!
Sleep: Fabulous! The feather pillow and I have a bond no one can break right now. nancy + feather pillow 4 eva'
Stretch Marks: Nope. I shouldn't be worried, but I am.
Movement: LOTS and lots and lots. She's getting stronger too! Sometime I can tell she's stretching because I feel her on both the left and right side of my bump. She's dancing right now! I think her favorite time is after I eat; that's when she tends to move around the most.
What I Miss: wine and not having this awkward sagging crotch thing with my pants because they're always sliding down. How is it that teenage boys can walk around looking like they took a big dump in their pants and feel comfortable?!
What I'm Looking Forward to: holding my sweet babe, of course! I'm definitely trying to enjoy the whole pregnant thing, but I get so excited about meeting our little beanette. I wonder who's she's going to look like. Curly hair? Dark or light hair? Light eyes like her daddy or chocolates like mine? What a wonderful surprise! Right now I'm very excited about finishing the slipcover for the glider.
Best Moment this Week: I have two juniors in my Spanish Lit. class that are just soo nice to me. They always ask to help me do things like pass out papers, stamp the kid's agendas, pick up papers, and read things on the board. They're just plain sweet. I already had good rapports with these two boys before they were in my class this year, but they've been especially considerate since I told them about my pregnancy. 
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: My bump is getting bigger and higher! I still am carrying pretty low, but it's making it's way up. After eating, my stomach fills in and then my bump really looks like it's up close to my chest. 
Bean Milestones: Making meconium by sucking up all that fluid and special stuff floating around. Sweet girl, you can make out all kinds of sounds; like my voice, my heartbeat, my gurgling stomach, and my circulating blood. How cool is that?!
Food Cravings: This beanette is consistent in her cravings. Nothing new...again. Yet, I have noticed that when I want something, I really want it. 
How's the Rice?: He's wonderful. He stopped reading Pinocchio because it was depressing and surprising terrible. We both feel Disney did a great job of interpreting and reworking that story. We've moved on to something lighter and more bump-friendly. This week he tried to feel the bean kicking  several times, but she just happens to stop whenever we position his hand on the bump. Last night, we waited longer for her to move again and I felt a big kick and the hubby thought he may have felt something. I think he's probably expecting a big kick to get him, but this girl is not big enough for that yet. 

Tid Bits: Last Friday I started to feel like my allergies were starting up again for the season. Itchy nose? Check. Scratchy throat? Check. Watery eyes and dark circles? Oh yeah. I thought I'd be able to avoid them this year since our environment is very different than the Petaluma fields and cows. No such luck I thought. Well, the watery eyes and the itchy nose disappeared and the scratchy throat got worse...and worse. Then, it became a terrible phlegmy cough. I've got the runny nose back and a full-blown cold...again. I went to work today, but left early and I'm not planning on going in tomorrow. I've got to rest up for the bean and for Angela's party on Saturday. I'm really excited about getting together with the girls. Our friends from Santa Barbara also visited yesterday (HI Brian and Andrea!!) It was super duper nice to see them. We loved having them over.This past weekend I worked/sewed a fair enough to get parts of the glider slipcover finished. I also started another one of the art series in the nursery and hung up some the bird houses. I'm in love. 

{3 out of 4 parts finished! I just have to sew the part that goes over the entire chair. 
That's the easy part. Please excuse the mess}

{The bird houses are hung}

{the vintage alphabet}

I bought this set of alphabet cards about 3 years ago. They're by Martha Stewart for Michael's. I saw them there not that long ago, so they may still be for sale. I loved them as soon as I saw them and imaged them in a future nursery. We weren't even married then! I hung them up using a somewhat complicated method, which, I will explain later. They are on little clothes pins. Aren't they cutie? Oh yeah, and you can see our crooked ceilings. That's what you get in an old Edwardian home in the city. Thank goodness that molding is straight. 

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Maggie said...

I love that first belly photo and I love the bird houses. Those are too cute. You should be an interior decorator! I think you may need a career change!