Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Bean Crib Bedding

I am sooo excited and very happy with the way my little sewing projects turned out. The crib bumpers and bed skirt have been completed! One more thing to check off the long list on the "before bean" list.  The hubby is a sweetheart and when I finished he complimented me on how "professional" they look. I don't know if he's ever laid eyes on a real crib bedding set, but I'll accept the compliment either way. It took me one entire weekend to finish the bumpers and one and a half days to finish the crib skirt. I took my time because I really wanted it to be perfect and to me, it really is. I will explain the details after each photo. I tried to get home in time for some natural light in order to take the pictures, but this day has turned out to be gloomy and thus no light.

The Crib Bumper:

{all six bumper pieces together}

I found the batting inserts at Joanns and just figured I'd use those. It even came with directions on how to make the covers for the bumpers. I followed them somewhat because I chose to add the piping and change the way the ties were attached. 

{close-up: ties and fabric}

I went with a fabric called Manhattan Quilted in Natural from Calico Corners. The ties are simply twill ribbon cut by the yard. I didn't want the ties long enough to make ribbons at first, but I ended up tying some of them this way. 

{inside of the bumper}

I know there's a lot of crib bedding that has a different pattern on the inside and I thought about doing that. But I just absolutely love how cozy and cute the quilted fabric is. I decided to do the same on both sides and on the piping. There are a lot of options on how thick the bumpers can be and I chose to make mine simple, not thick, and firm. They say that the firmer the bumpers the better; for safety reasons. 

{other details. that sheet might change. a yellow one perhaps?}

{Close up of texture}

I ended up buying 3 yards of the quilted fabric and I had more than enough. I used some in the crib skirt, also made a small pillow, and I still have some left over. 

The Crib Skirt:

{oops. lopsided picture}

For the crib skirt I used Robert Allen Khanjali in Glacier from Calico Corners. They had the best price on the fabric. The little split in the skirt has the same quilted fabric I used on the bumpers. I've sewed it open like that, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it that way. I just used a few hand stitches and they can easily be undone. 

{hey skirt!}

I lined the skirt with a blackout fabric because Khanjali is linen and we'll be using the space under the crib for storage. Also, I wanted to add some weight to it to keep in always down and flat. Like I said before, I took my sweet time measuring, ironing creases, and then finally cutting. Since I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I made sure the fabric patterns like up perfectly all the way around the crib even though you can't tell because of the wide part of the crib corners. No one will know, but I will. =)

{side of crib}

I made the skirt up of 3 pieces. The front piece and two separate side pieces. There are a few reasons I did this. First, the base of the crib that the mattress lies on is not one big piece of wood or metal. It has slats and the slats on the front and side are not on the same level. I know that sounds odd, but the crib is new and in perfect order. If I had attached the skirt to one solid piece of fabric to place across the base, it would not have dropped the same length on all sides (remember, I'm a perfectionist like that). Also, I want to be able to adjust the skirt later on when I need to lower the base because of a larger bean. This leads to the next point. 

{tricky tricky, it is sticky!}

You can sorta see what I'm talking about with the wooden slats not being on the same level. I attached the skirt to the crib with sticky Velco. Velcro is sticky, but this one is sticky on both sides. Those smart Velcro people! I thought about sewing the velcro to the fabric, but it actually does a hell of a job sticking onto the fabric, so... one less seam on the fabric! 

{side of crib skirt}

Making the skirt this way also made sure that I could cover all the wooden slats that were visible. I didn't make a back side to the skirt because the crib is pushed up against a wall. It's not like anyone would ever see it, so why spend the money on it? I purchased 1.5 yards of this fabric and it was plenty, especially since I was also planning on making this...

{a small pillow for the glider}

I used the quilted fabric for the piping and the back part of the pillow. I still have a little bit of the fabric left over and I'm going to think of something good to use it for. I might have use it in a quilt. I think I am also going to buy another yard just to have around in case I want to make something else. I'm totally in love with that fabric right now!

We've sorta made a decision to not paint the walls. I still want to, the hubby doesn't...so, we're not. But, it's alrighty because I've decided I want these lovelies on our window!!! Just a bit of girly decadence for my beanette! It'll also add the yellow I most definitely want to emphasize. I adore these, but not the price. Hey, I couldn't have my paint. I gotta have something. =)



Maggie said...

The bedding turned out fantastic Nancy! The crib looks so sweet. How great to have that checked off the list. Nice work!

Amber said...

The crib bedding is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Nice work Nancy, you really did a great job! Personally I like the striped pattern of the sheet, but a solid yellow one would probably look good, too. I sorta know what you mean about hubby not cooperating on the decorations...I want to put a chair rail on the wall behind the crib and paint 2 different colors, and he won't do it - something about textured walls not working with chair rails?? Anyway, I think your beanette's room will be awesome even without paint :)

Stephanie said...

Looks fantastic, Nancy! So impressed. The crib bedding looks amazing.

Sarah Robins said...

This is beautiful! Love that Robert Allen ikat. I'm actually using the same fabric to make curtains for my newly painted PINK dining room!
You can see my progress here:

Priscilla - Wheelchair Mommy said...

oh my!! this is gorgeous!! you did a fantastic job