Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Bean Bump: Week 21

{where's the bump? It's definitely bigger to me}

{i don't know if it's my top (thank you Stephanie!!), but my bump looks smaller this week}

Week: welcome week 21
Bean Size: I've got a large banana in my stomach and my uterus. This baby girl is about 10 and a half ounces.
Gender: niña or like my mom likes to say when she calls me, la nena. She used to say that about me, now it's all about the bean. When I talked to her on the phone this weekend she said she has to come visit in order to talk to the baby so she'll recognize her voice. What about hanging out with me?
Total Weight Gain: I'm guessing 14 lbs. I have an appointment on Thursday, so I'll know the exact number then. I've been doing lots and lots of walking and a bit of swimming and I'm hoping it will keep me gaining weight steadily. We'll see.
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, sir. Are there any websites where you can get advice on how to dress during pregnancy? I need pictures to help me visualize cute outfits on this new body of mine. Also, why are preggers clothes so pricey? Or at least the cute stuff. I'm currently sticking to basics and accessorizing, but I'm running out of ideas. I don't really want to wear the same outfits every week. Ideas girls?
Sleep: Mucho betta! I'm currently loving the feather pillow between the legs (ummm...okay, that sounds kinda weird after reading it again). We've also purchased a gate to keep the doggies out at night. Yes, we do have a door, but the hubby feels guilty completely locking the dogs out. Isn't he a sweetie? I also rarely have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. More sleep!
Stretch Marks: Nope. My old growth spurt on the upper portion of my legs ones are still there. I feel like they're making themselves more visible now, but they're barely noticeable. I'm feeling good about them.
Movement: LOTS! She's up in the morning, during my school day in the late afternoon, in the evening when the hubby gets home, and while we're resting in the living room before bed. When I have mentioned this to random folks they always give me something along the lines of, "Uh oh, she's going to be a crazy one." I think she's going to love dancing just like her momma. That's what it feel like she's doing in there sometimes.
What I Miss: skinny face. I pulled some pictures that were in my car out and left them on the credenza. When the hubby saw them that night he commented on how I really do look different. Yup, I thought so. I also really want wine. Maybe I'll a sip during Angela's bachelorette wine tour.
What I'm Looking Forward to: the summer when I can be at home with the pups, my big belly, and warm days to spend walking around, or perhaps I should say waddling. The summer will also bring our sweet babe.
Best Moment this Week: My brother and his girlfriend welcoming their little guy, Corbin Jett. He arrived on Friday morning after about 10 hours of labor. He is such a cutie! My brother sends me daily updates and pictures of Corbin on my cell phone. He looks just like my brother as a baby. I can't wait to meet him in person.

{look at all that hair!}

{look at that tie on his onesie. adorable!}

Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: The last week brought me some back pain. It's on and off, but I definitely feel it after being on my feet a lot, which, I do every day while teaching. My belly is definitely bigger and very firm. I also finally bought new bras from the maternity store and I LOVE them. I didn't think I'd grown that much, but I have. I was shocked when I heard my new size. It's weird not having my shirts fit across my chest. One of my bras is made by the Spanx company and it is fabulous! All the straps are made of the same material they use for their other products. Any woman, pregnant or not, should try these bras out because they are super duper comfortable!
Bean Milestones: Sweet girl, your head is now about 1/3 of the size of your body now. You can make rapid eye movements and you can hear when I talk or sing to you. We're trying to do that a lot. I'm speaking lots of Spanish every day to make sure it sounds familiar. Baby girl, you are swallowing lots of fluids now. It's good practice for when you're hungry once you're here. Your heart is growing stronger and it can soon be heard with a stethoscope.  Fat continues to accumulate on your cute little body and your bones and muscles are getting stronger each day.
Food Cravings: Nothing new really. Same old cravings: meat, cheese, citrus, berries, and anything tart. I love me some lemonade and cranberry juice. I recently discovered sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches on an English muffin with a glass of orange juice on the side. heavenly. mmmmm...
How's the Rice?: He's great from my perspective. He's so great about reading stories to me and the baby girl at night while we're in bed. I think she loves it. We spent some time walking around enjoying the weather and picking out some used children's book at the little shop in our neighborhood during the weekend. He did a wonderful job of picking out books. We found one that was absolutely adorable (that we didn't end up buying that day) and made me cry at the end. It was called The Other Dog. It was a story told from the perspective of a dog in a home and her reaction to "the other dog," the baby, arriving in it's home. It reminded us very much of Enzo and how we're thinking he'll probably feel. He was our first "baby." The hubby has been reading the original Pinocchio the last two days. He was also very sweet to listen to my constant talking about the stroller options for days. He's the best!

Tid Bits: I've started working on making the slipcover for the glider this week and I'm going to try real hard to finish it this weekend. I'm not getting my hopes up though since we're going to start our search for the new car. We were originally thinking we wanted a Toyota, but...it's not looking like a wise option. I really want a wagon and the hubby in on the idea. It makes sense for us: a baby, two dogs, and my love for purchasing and working on furniture. 


Stephanie said...

Awww, the shirt looks great on you! And you'll fill it out in no time! Reading about feeling the baby made feel nostalgic...just a little. :)

estefanick said...

I'll put in my vote for a Subaru!! I LOVE my Forester and I know that they have just redone the Outback wagon. Isn't it amazing how many DECISIONS you have to make once you are pregnant? Furniture, fabrics, colors, strollers, cars.... as if growing a baby isn't exhausting enough!! :) Good luck!

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Calvin and our Baby Girl on the way said...

Totally agree with Erin on the decisions front. I can't imagine being an indecisive person to begin with and then going through pregnancy! As for clothes, now that it's getting warmer, there seems to be lots of options in dresses and skirts with elastic bands....you can just buy larger sizes in regular clothes (I like Kohls for cheap dresses and skirts). I agree the maternity clothes are SUPER expensive given how long you actually get to wear them! Good luck on the slip cover this weekend!

Maggie said...

Your new nephew is adorable - congratulations! How nice that Baby Bean will have cousins so close in age. We are already thinking minivan but I doubt that would be a good choice for you guys in the city. Here in the suburbs it is the Mommy transport mode of choice! We know we'll need one when Baby #2 comes along and it would be nice to have one now even with one baby when we go on roadtrips...