Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Bean Bump: Week 10

It's time now for the weekly bump shots. I wanted to start earlier, just to get a real {before} and {after}, but I've been tired and lazy, so we're starting here!

{the uniform: bump covered}

{bump exposed!}

{navel gazing shot}

Week: working on week 10!
Bean Size: a prune
Gender: we'll find out on February 2! My mom's guessing "girl."
Total Weight Gain: I have no idea. Maybe 2 lbs?
Maternity Clothes?: I'm not gonna lie. Stretchy waistbands are the best. Why would I continue to try and squeeze myself into my tight jeans? So, right now, only baby momma pants.
Sleep: not so good. I wake up a lot more during the night; most often cause I need to tinkle. Having two perros and a crazy sleeping hubby in the bed doesn't help either.  Oh, loving the afternoon naps!
Stretch Marks: no thank you. I'm starting early to prevent any of those from exposing themselves. Bio-oil is my best friend.
Movement: definitely not yet. But, according to the books, our little bean in moving around in there just having a ball, probably wishing he/she had a real ball to play with. Gotta use those hands and real fingers!
Status of the Button: way in.
What I Miss: not having a stomach ache every single day; heartburn is my nemesis. I miss wine. boo.
What I'm Looking Forward to: everything! Enjoying pregnancy and sharing it with my friends and loved ones.
Best Moment this Week: eating a finger-licking grilled cheese sandwich and not having heartburn. YES! I told the hubby bread, cheese, and butter are the best. Ever!
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: visible blue veins nourishing the bean! Yay! Breaking out like I never have. poop.
Bean Milestones: arms with elbows that bend and a tummy with working organs.
Food Cravings: one week it was anything with vinegar, another week it was tomato sauce, the next it was lemony stuff, this week...meat and cheese. Can I get a burger with that?!
How's the Rice?: the hubby is fabulous!! I have totally been slacking on my wifey duties, but he hasn't complained once. He's always there to help with everything.

Tib Bits: I know the bump doesn't look like much, but to me it is very noticable. I know what my body looked like before the bean and this is definitely different. It's not only grown in the front, but I'm now carrying a tire around my waist. woo. =)

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Stephanie said...

Okay, so I have to say it, but honey, you definitely don't look pregnant yet. But I'm sure it seems that way to you! I couldn't fit in my pants past week 8 or 9, and swore that *everyone* at work must know. But they didn't.

You should check out this birth story because it's amazing!