Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shoes for the Bean

Honestly, the bean doesn't really need shoes at this point. She has a pair of soft leather boots that she does regularly wear when it's cold out, but other than that her shoes have been purely decorative. Oh-so adorably decorative!

Yet, now that she's actually spending a fair amount of time with her feet on the floor while in her jumperoo or "walking" I've realized her socks are just not cuttin' it; especially her white socks that pick up dust particles like crazy. I started looking for an alternative to solid rubber soled shoes and found a tutorial for an adorable pair of cloth baby shoes.

I just finished her first pair. I chose some coordinating fabrics and bought a bag of remnant pieces of leather at Michael's that had enough to make two pairs with suede soles.

{i opted for using some suede remnants for the soles instead of fabric}

{the model in her new shoes}

They were really easy to make and they really stay on. I'm looking forward to making her next pair. Who wants a pair?


LinsyLou013 said...

Hello? Lily wants some! Those are adorable!

Amber said...

Gosh you are so impressive! We talked about doing something like that for Owen, but it never happened. We didn't even consider it for Tucker. Way to go!! They are so cute.

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Samantha and Calvin said...

Oohh Samantha wants a pair! I can't believe Amelie is standing up by herself! What a big girl! Samantha still has to hold on for dear life when she stands up.