Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Around

Now that we're back in a city where I can actually ride my cruiser, I've been contemplating buying a bike trailer so that Amélie and I can ride around town. I really love my cruiser and I used to ride it everywhere when we lived in Sac and a bit in Petaluma when we could find paved trails. It definitely did not get a lot of use in San Francisco where riding up the hills nearly made me pass out.

I've been thinking about getting a trailer since we moved here and with the amazing weather we've been having this week, it's reignited my desire to purchase one ASAP! While out on a walk with the bean and my dad earlier this week, we wondered if it would be possible to convert my jogging stroller into a bike trailer. I mean, all we'd need is some kind of hitch to attach it to my bike and replace the front tire on the stroller and then purchase a bug cover, right? Apparently, it's not such a good idea because of the higher level of gravity on the stroller and no such part exists. Bummer.

BOB 2010 Sport Utility Stroller - Blue
{we have the BOB Sport Utility}

While conducting my research on rigging up my "bike trailer," I did come upon some really interesting alternatives. There is the obvious choice of purchasing an actual bike trailer; which, we'll most likely do, but there are also other options. For example, the Taga Bike. If I had money burning holes in my pockets I'd definitely get one. It is soo cool!

Or, how about a Zigo?

Then, there are also Chariot strollers that be converted into joggers, bike trailers, hikers, and for use in cross-country skiing...yeah, crazy, but cool.

CTS - Chariot Transport System

If I can only decide on a trailer, we'll be up and biking in no time. I can't wait! 

Do any of you have any recommendations? 


Stephanie said...

We just ordered the Burley Encore. You can purchase a conversion kit for jogger, stroller or skis. It's much cheaper than the chariots but still really good quality. I almost had a heart attack when you suggested converting your jogger to a trailer!

Terry said...

We went with the Burley Bee (a little less expensive) since we already blew a bunch of $$ on the BOB. It works great, though it might be a little snug for 2 kids.