Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Mania

I'm a serial sewer. I.cannot.stop. It could be worse I guess. With all the sewing I've been doing I feel like such a domestic housewife. Next thing I know, I'll be making my own clothes. Actually, that sounds like an awesome idea! Really though, I'm even working on growing my own veggies and fruits in our yard. I'm really enjoying myself.

My most recent sewing creations have moved beyond the usual curtains, pillows, and bunting. I'm making clothes for Amélie. I was inspired after spotting this adorable dress. 

{cute, right?}

After seeing that dress, I thought I'd give it a whirl. Why not? I bought some red gingham (so cute!) and used some striped tan linen from my stash and away I went sewing. first attempt is looking like this...

{close, but not there.}

I started by making a pattern with some leftover flannel and using one of Amélie's t-shirts as a guide. I then cut out my pieces with an idea in my mind as to how I was going to attach it all together so that it can be reversible. Well, after working on it for about two hours last night, I went to bed frustrated because it wasn't working out the way I imagined. Once in bed, I couldn't sleep because the wheels were turning.

As soon as Amélie went down for her first nap this morning, I started on a design that I thought up in bed last night and almost finished it before she woke up. It worked!

{i used some Amy Butler fabric and some organic fabric 
from my stash}

{side 2}

{back side}

{side 1 with a view of the inside or reversible side}

Basically, it doesn't have any visible seams that you usually see on the inside of your clothing. I sewed the two different patterns together inside out and then flipped it to the right side. I also used Heat and Bond to stick the two fabrics together inside to prevent the design from becoming floppy. 

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to the things I sew that I'm considering adding them to my shop. Would people buy this?! Either way, I'm really in love with it and can't wait for Amélie to wear it. It's perfect for spring. 

Here's a picture of her wearing one I made(in a similar design) first as practice using a fabric her daddy picked out at the store. This one is not reversible and I added snaps instead of the ribbon. 

{gosh, i love her}

{look at that crazy hair!}

I'm going back to the fabric store tomorrow for more gingham and trying it again. Also, I'm going to try out these other adorable designs from the same company. Love them. 

Image of Gingham Smocked Dress
{cute gingham sunny dress? yes, please!}

I just learned how to use elastic thread, so that should be fun!

Image of Linen Shift Dress
{linen shift dress. too cute!}

I don't know what the back of this little number looks like, but I'm imagining buttons all down the back and instead of that collar, how about a rounded peter pan collar? Oh, how about gold round buttons? Cuuuuute!

I've already seem a bunch of other designs that I think I can definitely tackle and am looking forward to making more clothing for my baby bean. 


estefanick said...

You are SO talented!!! :) I love seeing your sewing creations!!!

Amber said...

Beautiful. I have no doubt these would sell great on your site.