Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer Tradition

Every summer while I was growing up, my immediate and extended family would travel up to the warmer climates of Sonoma county. Growing up in San Francisco meant not really understanding that the sun existed for more than a few hours at a time and that hot weather worthy of owning a pair of shorts really did exist. When it was time for our pasty "white" selves to get some color, we would head out to Agua Calientes to soak our cold bodies in warm natural spring pools and enjoy a long day of overeating and delicious cool treats.

This was a tradition my brother and I most definitely looked forward to each year. I remember us gathering our supplies, getting into our blue Ford with the bench seat in back, traveling for what seemed like forever, and then finally arriving to our destination. Our trip included a stop at a deli beforehand where we would buy sandwiches, macaroni salad, drinks (for some reason I really remember drinking "Clearly Canadian"), and whatever supplies were needed. The place we'd spend the day at was a park with three pools outside and a really large grassy area for BBQ'ing and playing. I have soo many great memories of our days there. We would always visit the snack bar for rainbow sherbet and the pool with the really high diving board was freezing! Then, after a long day basking in the sun and enjoying family, we would make one last stop before heading home- a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate from DQ was the perfect ending to our lazy summer day.

A few weeks ago my brother (the oldest one of the three and the only one that experienced these summer visits to Sonoma) suggested that we continue the tradition we had as kids. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I got started making plans. Well, it turned out that the place we visited as children is now a members-only park. poop. But, I was able to find another park that would provide us with the same memories and we drove out there this past Saturday. This time, it would include all my brothers, their significant others, our mom, the hubby, our children, and new memories/traditions for them.

{our bathing beauty}

{the hubby called her our Amish baby because of her bonnet}

{the cousins, Corbin and Amélie}

{three generations. Amélie enjoyed pool time by 
sleeping and dipping her feet in the water. It was a very hot day.}

{my brother Gabe and his baby boy. the boys were the only 
ones that actually went in the water.}

We had a wonderful time. I'm sure this is something we'll be continuing. 

Thanks Gabilan for reminding me of our great summer tradition and for driving up to make it happen. We love you!


Amber said...

I love traditions like this one and I am so happy you had the chance to give a new twist to such a special practice. Amelie is a sweetie pie.

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Samantha and Calvin said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love the pic of you two looking at each other on the blanket, so cute!

Gabe said...

We are definitely going to have to do this every year from now on. I'm really happy our kids are getting to experience things we did as a family when we were kids also. Once they're a little older we're gonna have to start going to Lake Tahoe every winter and stop by tortilla flat on the way home. That's the name of that place with the big cinnamon sugar tortillas right? :-)