Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rice and Beans: Month Two

To my sweet Amélie,

It sounds so cliché, but the time really is flying by. On this particular day you are actually closer to three months, but the days are really moving by so quickly that I have not gotten a chance to write this. But I cannot allow myself to skip detailing your exciting second month of life. 

Although you started out as an itty bitty thing at just a little over 5 pounds, you spent your second month making up for it. You have created a very good relationship with your food source (your mama) and those once skinny legs have filled out and developed little rolls. Those kissable cheeks have gotten bigger and have received enough kisses from me to last you over a lifetime.  

You are my sweetest, my nena, chiquita, hermosa, preciosa, bonita, rubia. Over the last month, you and I have created a deeper understanding of what our roles mean. I am amazed every single day by you- your movements, your tiny nails, your fleeting smiles, those big blue eyes, the perfect shape of your lips, your adorable nose, your ability to identify us as your parents, and...I could go on. There have been silent moments during the night when I cannot get enough of your smell and your soft baby skin and instead of returning your to your crib, I sit rocking you, loving you, and eventually sneak you into bed with me because I cannot let you go. I have loved every second I have spent with you during your second month and I dread the idea of eventually going back to work. In my ideal world, my only job would be to be your mommy. 

This month introduced your refusal to sleep during the day and your little fighting spirit came out. You detested having to sleep although you very well, as we did, know that sleep was what you needed. By the end of the month, we came up with a happy medium to your naps. You started to learn it was okay to fall asleep and perhaps even sleep in your crib during the day. 

During this month you were able to meet your cousin Corbin, uncle Gabe, and auntie Amberly. You enjoyed their visit by sleeping almost the entire time they were here. When we compared Corbin to you, your small size was only emphasized. Although he's much larger than you now, by this time next year, we probably won't notice much difference between you two. It's exciting for your uncle and I to imagine you two kids growing up together and sharing your milestones with one another. We are looking forward to creating new traditions as well as continuing ones that we had growing up. 

Chiquita, you have taken after your mommy in many ways. One of those ways being your love for warm weather and cozy environments. Your second month welcomed some very HOT days. Not only did I get to put you in all those cute little summer outfits I never thought you'd wear, but you slept like the baby that you are. Those hot days spent walking around town were blissful for both of us!

Whenever I look at you I see a little bit more of me. Your first few days I thought you resembled your daddy in almost every feature, but you're now looking like a mini blondie baby version of me. You have very light brown hair that has a tint of red and it's slight wave is transformed into curls when it is moistened. I love looking at your eyes as you nurse and have noticed how those once invisible lashes have become darker and longer. I'm in love with the little crease at your wrists that has developed because of your cute chubbiness. I miss you when you're sleeping and I welcome every new day because it means getting to look at you longer, smelling your sweet scent, and enjoying every bit of your being.

It is truly amazing to see the way you change and develop every day. Your "fur"brothers even enjoy getting to see the new things you'll do each day.

The weekends are some of our favorite days of the week. The presence of your daddy makes our days complete. We all enjoy sleeping in together and your daddy and I love waking up to your wide eyes and "agoos." We've enjoyed lazy days and beautiful sunny days strolling around the city. You love being carried by your daddy in the ergo and will fall asleep almost simultaneously.  We may be a bit biased, but we think you are the cutest baby in the world. You are the first one we kiss every morning and you're the last thought in our minds as we fall asleep. 

My muñeca, you have gone from a tiny thing to a girl with a big personality this month. You have shown us what you want and that you expect it immediately. At the beginning you were unhappy with tummy time and now you hold your head up so strong and high. You won't accept the bathwater unless it's perfectly really warm; just like your mommy. You will let mommy take a shower but only if it means you get to play. Your nap time and eating schedule is exactly how you want it every single day.

Amélie, you have brought us so much joy. We have fallen even more in love with you this month and we're sure every month following this will only bring the same. You are the light of our lives and we are incredibly thankful for all 10 pounds of you!

We love you,

mommy and daddy

p.s. Here are her stats from her two month wellness visit. 
                 weight: 9 lbs. 13 1/2 ounces (4 lbs. and 2 1/2 ounces bigger!)
                 height: 21 3/4 inches (3 inches longer)
                 head circumference: 38 1/2 cm (up 4 cm from birth)

      Our little girl was in the 20th-30th percentiles for all of her measurements. We've got a chiquitita!


Maggie said...

Very sweet post Nancy! She is a doll baby for sure. And she has grown so much! I am so happy to hear how much you and Eric are enjoying parenting. I hope we get to see you guys in November!

Amber said...

Beautifully written, Nancy.