Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mom Cut

I've been having the urge to cut my hair. Could this possibly be due to having a baby? When I mentioned to the hubby that I'm thinking of cutting my hair he gave me a look that said,"Oh no." Apparently he has some kind of association with women getting "mom" cuts after having a baby. I wonder if this is true because I also questioned myself when I started to think about getting a new do. Will I be following a trend or could it be the fact that Amelie loves looking at my hair and then grabbing onto it like her life depends on it?

The last time I really chopped my hair was about six years ago. After that I told myself I wouldn't cut my hair again until it was the longest it ever had been in my life and long enough that I could donate it to Locks of Love. Unfortunately, my hair takes forever to grow(it must be because it's curly) and so I don't know if I can donate it now. But, I had good intentions. I really loved my hair when it was short, but I really like it a lot now. I'm really torn about whether or not to cut my hair now and so I need some advice. Who better to ask than the girls I trust. Cut or no cut?

I was recently inserting a new picture into a frame and found one of me with short hair hiding behind the picture. It is my school/work picture from 5 years ago and made me think about this whole hair decision again. I started looking for pictures to take along with me when I get my hair done and I think the picture below is basically the look I'd be going for if I cut it.

{i won't look this adorably angelic, but you get the idea}

{this is what it's looking like now. 
although it's actually much longer than it looks here}

{this is what it looked like when my hair was shorter.
 i'm thinking of going shorter than this now. 
oh yeah, when it's shorter I often straighten it since it's fast and easy.}

I have an appointment to get my hair done this weekend and if I'm going to cut it I think this will be the time. 

Should I get the "mom cut" or not? Did any of you mommies get a new "do" after baby?


Angela said...

I'm not a mom, but I did get the "post-wedding cut" (basically just chopped it off to the length it was before I started growing it out), and I love it. Of course, I'm also very much a no-fuss no-muss kind of girl, so anything I can do to cut down on the primping time is a huge "yes, please!" in my book :)

In your case, I think you look super cute in the lower picture with your hair about shoulder length. But ultimately, this is your decision, and no one can make it for you. If you want a shorter 'do, then go for it!

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Samantha and Calvin said...

I did get my hair cut in a new do, but not too much different or shorter. I know a few other moms that did go short, though and they were super-cute cuts. I can totally relate to the baby-death-grip! Do what you think is best - I'm sure you'll look great either way!

estefanick said...

I say go for what is the easiest to take care of!! I know that the time I have to get ready in the morning became significantly shorter once I had a baby.... so easiest is the way to go!! Both lengths are super cute on you- so you can't go wrong! :)

Amber said...

You always looks so cute, both choices are great.

For me, straightening my hair is more work thank keeping it curly(even though I like it best) so long hair is actually a little easier. I can throw it up and or braid it whenever, whatever. I miss being able to braid it now but I'm also happy with my short hair. I had the desire to chop it off for a LONG time before I did and I was so relieved after I did, but now I regularly am in the "go between state" should I grow it long or keep it short.

How do you like your hair curly and short?