Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bean Day Care

One more thing to check off the list! This past week, the hubby and I made a decision on the child care for the beanette. I have to say, it was overall, a fairly easy process for us. I received a very good recommendation from one of my colleagues for the child care he takes his son to. At the time I was very thankful, as he got me thinking about our timeline and making a decision on this particular subject. Shortly after my conversation with that colleague, the librarian, I also found out another teacher takes her three boys to the same home day care. That made me feel good about the day care before even getting the chance to check it out for ourselves. I spoke with that colleague, a science teacher, about her experience with the day care and she could only give me positive feedback and she gushed about how wonderful it is, how flexible the provider is, and how much her boys enjoy going there. Upon hearing her recommendation, I called to make an appointment to visit the place with the hubby.

Well, we made the trip after work one day and totally loved the owner of the day care and the place itself. It's a small in-home day care with two employees. She has 7 kids of varying ages; two of which are infants. That means our bean with be her third infant come November. The owner has basically devoted her entire (and spotless) home to her business. The hubby and I both got the feeling that she really loves what she does and that she does her best. She has a pretty structured day set-up for the kiddies filled with crafts, snacks, naps, and play time. She even has two professionals come in and teach a music class on Mondays and a kiddie yoga class on Fridays. How cute is that?! Kids doing yoga! The hubby and I also wanted to find someone that would be able to speak Spanish with the bean all day and Nilda (the daycare lady) is bilingual. The librarian at school actually mentioned that his little boy is learning a lot of Spanish by being with Nilda. We also found out that Nilda really caters to a teacher's schedule. score! For example, she'll  hold our spot during the summers without making us pay. woo hoo. The cherry on top of all this...she's 5 minutes from my school. Of course I'll have to drive the beanette with me in the mornings up to work, but I've asked to not have a first period so I don't start until about 9:30 most days. I have that same schedule now and I think it'll work out well with the bean.

We are just soo happy to have that taken care of.


Maggie said...

That is awesome! Congrats on finding such a wonderful place. It sounds perfect. I know this was our biggest concern by far when we found out we were expecting so I know how good it feels to have this crossed off of your list.

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Calvin and our Baby Girl on the way said...

Congrats! This place sounds really great. And it will be nice to have a little extra time in the morning to drop her off and say goodbye.

Amber said...

Excellent news. Sounds absolutely perfect!

Stephanie said...

Love that she brings in a music teacher and yoga instructor. How great. Also, that is awesome that she won't make you pay over the summer.