Monday, May 3, 2010

The Bean Bump: Weeks 27/28

{Week 27}


Week: Welcome to Trimester numero 3!!

Bean Size: My girl, you are an eggplant, but much much cuter.
Total Weight Gain: I'm sticking to 20. But, probably closer to 25.
Maternity Clothes?: Can we call it super hot mama clothes instead? It might make me feel better about my options.
Sleep: It sucks. I wake up a lot throughout the night. Every time I turn to the other side I wake up for a few minutes and get a work out just getting into a comfortable position again.
Movement: Our little girl is going to be a dancer. Sometimes she's practicing ballroom dancing, sometimes it's tap dancing, and most often it's interpretative dancing.
What I Miss: A normal sized left foot and ankle. Yup, only one ankle and foot tends to swell. Luckily, not very much at this point and it goes back to normal over night. I call it my granny foot because it looks like one to me. The hubby points and laughs.
Status of the Button: It's in, but it's working on opening up as wide as possible. I don't like what the inside looks like and I'm happy that weird looking thing will go back after the bean arrives.
What I'm Looking Forward to: Summer! Sweet smelling baby with lots of dark curly hair (this is currently what I'm imagining on our babe). I just can't imagine her having light hair. I will be surprised if this does occur. Little feet. Hubby with a baby in pj's. He's a big fan of baby pj's. So far, they seem to be the only article of baby clothing that get him excited and oooh'ing and ahhh'ing. Cute.
Best Moment this Week: Walking the doggies in the sunlight after work every day. Finding a children's boutique that sells used gear and clothing. I bought an ADORABLE little leopard print sweater, an Ipood onesie (this is for my Apple-employed hubby- for the baby to wear, not him), and a few other pieces.
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: The granny ankle...not so good. Still having lots of energy and my hair looking pretty good...yes! Workin' the Zoomba...good. My arms looking kinda fatty....not good at all. I've kept using weights at the gym, but not nearly as much. I'm sad about the bad changes.
Bean Milestones: My dear little girl, you are soo talented! You can open your eyes and turn your cute head around if you notice a light shining in. I think daddy and I will have to play with a flashlight. Your bones are also almost developed. How exciting!
Food Cravings: Ananas! I can't get enough pineapple. Oh, and watermelon. I think the bean is ready for summer, too. We also love sugar. I.can't.stop.eating.sugar!
How's the Rice?: Wonderful. He's busy as a bee at work. He did such a great job of massaging my back during our childbirth prep class. I think he's got a new job.

Tid Bits: We also had our first childbirth prep class this weekend, just like our friends, Lawrence and Elizabeth. Our instructor (nurse) was really entertaining and very informative. We both felt like we got a lot of good information out of it and we're looking forward to next weeks session. We did the whole ice in the palm of your hand thing and I felt like the breathing really did make a difference in the pain. I've been looking into hypnobirthing and we are considering going through the training with a doula, but we haven't make a decision just yet. From what I've gathered, it's a lot of meditating and I feel like this is something I've had a fair amount of training in. Didn't know this about me?! Yeah, I've attended trainings, meetings, and such for transcendental meditation and other methods. I've even got a mantra just for me! I'm thinking I'll just brush-up on my skills and practice more often. Anyone ever heard of someone utilizing that technique?


Maggie said...

You look beautiful! Colin also has an iPood t-shirt although it is much more appropriate for you guys! I don't know anyone who has tried a hypno-birth but it sounds very interesting. I can't wait to hear what you decide.

simply seleta said...

Pretty momma! And cute beanette!!!! ;-)

mrs shortcake said...

You look so good! I love your hair! I wonder if your little beanette will have curly hair, too?