Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bean Bump: Weeks 30/31

{week 30}

{week 31}

{the toes. I had to put the camera pretty far out to capture this one}

Week: Movin' and shakin' in week 31! 
Bean Size: This week chiquita, you're the size of a large head of lettuce. It says you're about 18 inches and 3.2 lbs. Keep going! 
Total Weight Gain: I'll find out for sure on Tuesday. I haven't weighed myself since my last dr. visit 5 weeks ago, so I'm sure I'll be in for a surprise. 
Maternity Clothes?: How can it be that my maternity tops are getting tighter in the chest and shorter. They must have shrunk. I've been forced to do some more shopping because I can't look like a slob or a pregnant hooker at work. 
Sleep: I believe my body is getting me ready for the long nights with the beanette. I'm waking up often (pretty much any time I switch sides) or when I get a cramp in my leg. I also feel like an old lady getting up in the morning; my hips hurt and I have to roll back and then quickly push myself forward in order to get out of bed. nice. There's also some grunting involved. sexy.
Movement: Most definitely! The past few weeks she's been getting the hiccups a lot! I can feel them down really low and they sometimes tickle me. We like to play games like, "I poke you, you poke me back" and "This feels like daddy's hand, I'll stop moving like crazy now." 
What I Miss: Not visiting the toilet every half hour, or at least it feels that way. Every liquid I drink feels like it's passing right through me and my itty bitty squished bladder. I wouldn't mind so much if I could get up and go to the restroom whenever I please, but I can't. I'm looking forward to the end of the school year just so I can relieve myself without a time limit. Only 14 more days!
Status of the Button: It's still definitely in. I don't think this one is coming out. 
What I'm Looking Forward to: Kissing and snuggling my baby. I cannot wait to meet her!
Best Moment this Week: Picking the red ring out of a box at the children's store and thus getting 40% off the Ergo carrier I was buying! score! My brother texting a message telling me that he can't wait to meet our daughter because he's looking forward to being an uncle. How cute is that!? 
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: I feel like the belly is much bigger than what it looks like in the pictures. My back hurts...not fun. But, I found that sitting and rolling my hips around on the exercise ball really helps.  My uterus is making it's way up to my chin. So that may be an exaggeration, but for the first 29 or so weeks, my bump was pretty low. I definitely had a gap (or a look at my normal stomach) between my breasts and my bump, but I feel that is almost no longer there. It's all bump now and it's still really far down. I could never really wear low-riding jeans during my pregnancy because my bump is soo low. I'd need some special super-duper-low-riding-hide-the-poody-and coin-slot-pants. I don't think those exist.
Bean Milestones: Baby J, they say you're running out of room in there and that you're fattening up for momma. You're also working out that bladder in preparation for all the diapers daddy and I will be changing. Keep growing little one!
Food Cravings: Sugar! My goodness. I've always been good at allowing myself only one sweet treat a day, but it has gotten really hard to do that lately. I am so weak. I'm blaming it on Baby J. 
How's the Rice?: Soo cutie and busy. We both felt like the past week went by sooo slow, especially since the hubby didn't get much of a weekend last week. He had to work almost all weekend. boo. We're looking forward to a three-day weekend and time with friends by the pool. 

Tid Bits: We saw the "Babies" movie today and I really enjoyed it. It was super sweet. cute, and funny at times. It was a nice contrast to the hubby's pick from last weekend, "Iron Man: 2." I don't think the bean enjoyed Iron Man at all. She would not stop kicking and punching me throughout the entire movie. I think it was all the loud noises that were scaring her and preventing her from taking her nap. 

Our maternity photo session is coming up this week and I'm elated! Nicole and I have shared some ideas for the shoot and I think they are going to be really cute. I may be biased though. =) There are 4 outfits I'm contemplating right now, but I think I'm going to narrow it down to 2. Oh, I also finally got my hair done after not having anyone touch it for 7 months! It looks so much better now. 

This is one of the jean options I'm considering.

Coulis Cardigan
{anthro sweater}
{gap maternity jeans}
accessorized with some cute heals and jewelry.

I've actually got some Old Navy maternity jean slacks that I'm probably going to wear instead of those skinny jeans, but we'll see. The slacks are longer and will probably look better with heels.  Another outfit option is a purple dress with yellow flats, there is also a fun red dress with blue heels, and the other is the skinny jeans above, a white fitted tee, an olive green ruffled sweater vest thinger with some tweed heels (they have the same olive green, yellow, and a bit of orange in them) or some other flats. Which one sounds good? help. 

Only 10-ish, or less, weeks left!


mrs shortcake said...

Cute outfit! I totally hear you on the grunting noises - I am one noisy mama-to-be! :)

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Calvin and our Baby Girl on the way said...

I feel for you. The sleep issues and getting out of bed problems are definitely hitting me, too. Oh, and the bathroom breaks! But just wait until your stomach shrinks to what must be the size of a pea. It doesn't really make it any easier to avoid the sweets, but at least volume will be less! As for your pregnancy photos, I think you should go with the outfit that shows the shape of your belly the best. You don't want a dress/top that sticks out and looks like a tent, and you want it to be form-fitting, especially since your button is still in (jealous!). That's my two cents anyway.

Stephanie said...

You are one stylin' mama! So excited that you're getting pictures done. I agree with Elizabeth -- the clothes should emphasize the belly and not be too loud in terms of colors. At least that's what I've noticed when I looked at maternity photographers' websites.

Maggie said...

I remember when my maternity clothes got too small! How sad when my already limited wardrobe got even more limited. No fair! It sounds like you still have some really cute options though. I can't wait to see your photos. I really want to see Babies too!