Sunday, October 21, 2012

Frijolitos: Twenty-Seven Months & Three Months

Life is great.

Our days have a certain structure to them. There's a pattern to the things we do; a routine. We get up, we have breakfast, there's a nap, errands, a playdate, a museum visit, an outing, then lunch, more naps, play time at home, the hustle of getting dinner ready, two sometimes very needy kiddos, bath time for one, dinner time for all, bed time for one, pj's, story time for another, kisses, bedtime for another, and resting for two very tired parents. Eric and I recount our adventures at the end of the day and usually go to sleep thinking about our babies. Little and sometimes big things change from day to day; there's ups and downs. These days just.slip.right.through.our.fingers. It's hard to stay in the moment sometimes and really appreciate all the good things life has brought us. I really can't complain about anything. Man, I'm lucky. But, there are moments; quite a few moments fortunately, when I can actually think about all the good in our lives and take a close deep look at each of my babies and notice how they are changing and how wonderfully amazing they are(and they're really MINE!). For those I am extremely thankful. I wish I could take every minute I have with them and make every second the very best for them and all about them. But, there's that routine and the things that need to get done and time just gets away from me. So, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and trying my hardest to be the best mommy to them and the wife my hubby needs and taking more minutes out of my busy, non-stop, sometimes crazy days to appreciate the little things; especially those little noses on those cute little babies of mine.

That's why I need to stay on top of these! I don't want to forget all the things little my kids do or say. I've been thinking about keeping a written journal. Something I can keep on my bedside and write in before bed. Nothing where I'm going to write a detailed explanation of my day, but simply the highlights, bullet points perhaps of the things said or done that I just can't forget. Do any of you do this? I've seen some journals specifically devoted to that type of thing, like a "line a day" type of thing and that seems do-able. I think I need to get one tomorrow!


  • is a little parrot. She repeats everything! I love it. 
  • can have conversations with me in Spanish. So nothing extremely detailed or anything. But tonight she and I had a conversation about her wanting bread to have with her dinner and how she should eat it with her soup. It was amazing! My girl is bilingual! Yes!
  • is loving purple right now.
  • is in love with balloons. 
  • has an amazing memory. Today we went to Banana Republic because I wanted to try on some pants and she asked for a balloon when we went in the dressing room because she remembered that last week when we were in the same exact dressing room there was a balloon that she got to keep. Crazy pants! 
  • loves her tio Christian. We saw him yesterday and tonight she was still talking about her tio. She loves my brother. 
  • really loves playing with her friends.
  • will ask to watch "telé."
  • knows what a "punkin"/"caabaza" is(pumpkin/calabaza)
  • always asks me where her brother is and will point him out all the time. She loves him. 
  • when I say I'm going to feed Sebastian she'll say, "Astian. Leche." Also, when I'm kissing her goodnight, she'll grab the top of my shirt, look down it, and say, "Leche para Astian." This always makes me laugh.
  • loves to help me in the kitchen.
  • swinging/rocking is her jam.
  • really enjoys skype-ing with her abuelito in Guatemala and her BFF "Sphia"(Sophia) that lives in Berkeley. 
  • is still being potty trained
  • wants to wear her "botas"(boots) almost every day. Knows that when she wears her rain boots she can jump in puddles.
  • loves to do crafts and paint/color. That's my girl.
  • especially loves the weekends because her daddy is here all day.
  • gives the BEST kisses. We have a little routine at bedtime where we chat for a bit and she points out things like my nose, ears, earrings, hair, mouth, tongue...things like that and at the end I ask her for kisses and end with eskimo kisses. Well, she's recently decided that when she gives me regular kisses it's necessary for her to put both of her hands on my face and pull me to her so she can kiss me. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. The first time she did this I just died. I was so happy I asked her for more kisses and she happily did so because she noticed it made me happy. Now, she asks  for "ottos besitos"(otros besitos/more kisses) and then quickly puts her little hands on each side of my face. I cannot get enough kisses!
  • has the cutest little girl face I've ever seen(she is my daughter :) ).


  • is sooo talkative. I've never met a baby that talks this much or...
  • smiles as much! If you talk to him or smile at him, he's all smiles. 
  • is growing like a weed. He is wearing 3-6 month clothing and is growing out of some of them already. He's long and those cheeks! Gah, I love those cheeks! 
  • has been rolling from belly to back for a few weeks now.
  • went through a growth spurt that lasted a very long week. Thank goodness he's back to sleeping his regular night hours and feeding regularly and not all day and night. 
  • watches his sister all the time. They recently had their very first in-depth conversation that ended in Sebastian getting upset because Amélie was getting so excited and loud about the fact that Sebastian was talking to her. 
  • really loves his swing. Yippee!
  • can still only be awake for about an hour(max.) at a time before he gets grouchy. Except for the hours before bed time.
  • is cuter than ever!
  • is still learning to fall asleep on his own. He's a stubborn little guy, but he's doing a little better. There was one night I just had to let him cry for a while because nothing was making him happy and he needed to sleep. He eventually fell asleep. 

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Maggie said...

You are one lucky Mama! Your babies are so sweet and cute. Sebastian has such a neat look about him. He almost looks like a doll he is so cute. I love their noses too! It is so nice to read how much you love being their Mom. You know Keith keeps an almost daily journal that began the day I went back to work and he became an official SAHD. It is in a composition notebook and he just includes a short summary of the day's events. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it because of course he didn't tell me about it. Oh how lucky I am to have married that man!