Monday, September 24, 2012

Frijolitos: Twenty-six and Two Months

I was running errands the other day and happened to walk by a t-shirt store that focuses on Latin American themes. I peeked inside as I a strolled by and happened to catch a glimpse of some itty bitty t-shirts: one in pink and one in brown that had "Frijolito" with an image of a cartoon bean dressed up in either a bow, gloves, and big lashes, or a simple T. I quickly ran in there to take a closer look and I had a hard time resisting to purchase one for each of my frijolitos. How appropriate, I thought. :)

Time never ceases to surprise me with it's ability to move so quickly. As a write this, Sebastian is close to being 10 weeks old. As a person looking from the outside, I would think ten weeks seems like a long time, but from where I stand, ten weeks is just the other day, just a little guy in my arms, just my "newborn" baby. But, there isn't a doubt that he is definitely getting bigger and that the days are flying by. Amélie is also changing SO much every single day. Sometimes I just sit there looking at her and think how much of a big girl she is becoming. She's stringing words together and surprising us with how much she knows. She's got a bubbly, sweet, and happy personality. We really are very lucky parents.

So, before another day/week/month goes by before I have time to write, I thought I'd make a quick list of where my kiddies are today.


  • loves pink
  • is currently learning her colors and can correctly identify them about 80 percent of the time
  • likes to repeat everything!
  • very interested in shoes. The brighter/shinier/girlier; the better. 
  • let's me style her hair every morning
  • knows all her body parts in Spanish and English
  • loves her baby brother, "astian."
  • gives the best kisses
  • really likes to point out people's noses
  • likes to sing
  • knows to ask for her sunglasses when the sun is in her eyes
  • actually enjoys riding in the car now
  • really loves coloring
  • can translate from Spanish to English and vice versa
  • is very girlie
  • the swings at the park are her favorite
  • has a contagious little girl laugh
  • can play with bubbles any time of day
  • doesn't like having her hair washed
  • likes going to the library
  • loves reading books, especially Curious George, Thomas the Train, and Clifford
  • knows who Elmo is
  • makes us laugh all the time
  • loves to dance
  • can be shy when it comes to making new friends
  • prefers sitting in her chair at the kitchen counter than sitting at the kitchen table
  • LOVES anything having to do with water
  • could eat a "hog gog"(hot dog), burger, pizza, pancakes, and "shnackies"(snacks) all day and every day
  • talks all day
  • is 26 pounds

  • has the best baby smile
  • loves to smile at anyone that will talk to him
  • really likes being snuggled
  • talks a lot
  • totally rocks at tummy time
  • is really strong and can hold his head up really well
  • is constantly moving his legs and arms
  • can eat all day
  • likes to watch his sister move
  • doesn't like being in the car/car seat
  • has approved the use of a lovey for bedtime snuggling
  • is finally using the pacifier to soothe himself
  • sleeps really well at night
  • is starting to create his schedule
  • can sleep from 7pm to 6am and wake up twice
  • is starting to go down for his naps much faster and easier
  • still won't put himself to sleep without mommy help 
  • sleeps swaddled but usually wakes up with one arm out
  • will fall asleep in the ergo every time
  • makes the cutest little pouty face
  • has brown eyes and light brown hair
  • loves bath time
  • likes being warm
  • likes to hit the toys hanging from his play mat thing
  • is 10 pounds, 12 ounces

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Stephanie said...

They are just so cute. Cherish that baby, I know I am cherishing mine. Time really does fly by.