Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So close: An Update

Here I am at 36 weeks! Where does the time go? I feel like I just went in to meet my new doctor. Now, we're only a few weeks from Sebastian making his arrival.

I had a visit with my doctor today and it was so exciting getting to see Bean-dos all squished up in my belly. It was once again confirmed that we are indeed expecting a little boy and his sweet little face with that cute button nose just melts me. It's Amélie's nose. =) It was much harder to make out his body parts since he's so big now, but there were some very identifiable ones.

The doctor did an internal exam and said I'm dilated 1cm and slightly effaced. That's moving in the right direction, even if it isn't much progress. It's more than what I was with Amélie when I was induced at a little over 37 weeks. She measured me and I've been consistently measuring about an inch smaller than the week I'm at; today I was 35. I'm also very excited about the fact that I have not shown any symptoms of preeclampsia during this pregnancy! No swelling! No proteins in my urine! No abnormalities whatsoever! With that in mind, I'm hoping for the most "normal" laboring experience. I really hope to spontaneously go into labor and have it be much shorter than it was last time. Oh, and I don't want to push for three hours! I'm not scared or nervous and am keeping a very positive mindset. Positive and happy laboring thoughts are the only thing allowed, even with this very uncomfortable back pain.

Our bags are packed, the car seat bases are in the cars, and the nursery(including his clothes) are ready to go! My daddy man also asked me a few weeks ago when we'd like him to come stay with us. I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it out, but he got ill and had to resign from his new job; at his doctor's suggestion (my daddy recently became a medical assistant. I'm so proud of him. He went back to school.) Yay. We decided it'd be great for him to come at the beginning of July so he can celebrate Amélie's birthday with us since we wasn't able to last year and then stay as long as he likes and can. Right now the plan is that he'll probably be here until about a month or so after Bean-dos arrives. We're really thankful and happy that my dad can do that. He was here with us when Amélie was born and he helped us out immensely. He's so great with babies and can really cook! He's also the best houseguest.

Now all I ask of Sebastian is that he either come before July or after the 11th of July. I keep thinking how it's very possible he can arrive on Amélie's birthday and I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen. How weird would we be...the family with only two birth dates and four people(since Eric and I have the same birthday.) I also want my kids to have their own day. Think positive thoughts for us!

Oh, and because a post is not as much fun without pictures, here's a few from life lately. 

She put them on herself.

Park day in SF.

Having fun with my phone.

The teething has given her a really runny nose lately and on that day she had a fever. Not only was it hot outside, she was hot all over. When she woke up from her nap we decided to go bottomless. After some cold water, tylenol, and Curious George, she was up and ready to play at her table. 

My little lady having her "tea."

Riding the steam train through the Santa Cruz mountains on Father's day. 


Stephanie said...

I can't believe you're so close! Thinking good thoughts that Sebastian makes his appearance before or after July 11th. :) A blogger I read has two boys that are two years apart and one day. Crazy. Enjoy your last few weeks!

Maggie said...

I can't believe it is so close either. Where does the time go? I am so excited for you and hoping for an easy last few weeks for you too.