Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Special Space for My Little Boy

I couldn't wait to move Amélie into her big girl room so that I could put out all the things that I'd been working on for Bean-dos. This past weekend we successfully moved Amélie into her big girl bed, which, ended up needing some little repairs that I'll talk about in a post about her room. So far, so good! She LOVES climbing up the little step stool and just laying in her bed. We've had no problems with her not sleeping. Woo. I'll share more about her room soon.

After getting her to bed on Saturday, I quickly got to work changing the crib back to the regular set-up since we'd converted it into the toddler bed. I wanted to make sure that Amélie knew that wasn't her bed anymore and sure enough, the next day she went in there and was a little surprised and climbed on the side to peek in. She wasn't disappointed and even said, "Baby?" Maybe it actually makes sense to her?!

It took me a few days to get everything I made and bought (mostly thrifted) up and organized, although I'm sure there are little things I'll change before he gets here.  It's all the same furniture that was in Amélie's nursery that I shared when we lived in San Francisco. I basically set it up almost exactly once we moved to San Jose.

Oh, and because I made something I want to share that has his name on it and we're really not keeping it a secret, I'm spilling the bean's name; Sebastian. We're definitely decided on that name. It was really one of three boys names we liked and I think we're going with Gabriel (one of our top three and my brother's name) as his middle name. Yup, he's going to have a long name. My other choice was Julian, but Eric vetoed it because he said he didn't like the way it sounded with Johnson. We love his name and think it goes really well with Amélie's name and sounds great in Spanish, which, is an important factor for me. Oh, and people always ask what his nickname will be. Well, I'm not a fan of nicknames. So I'm not planning on him having one.

Here's Sebastian's nursery!

eric was so proud to have found that little collection of The Hardy Boys at a garage sale and is so excited about one of our kids reading them one day. it's so sweet.

sebastian got a new lamp. the giraffe had an unfortunate painting accident. representing SF, of course. we've joked about driving up there just to have me and the kids born in the same city.

the changing cover I sewed, little wooden bears that are engraved on the back with "Yellowstone 1969," that we found at an estate sale, a fox I painted, and a picture I enlarged from a Golden Book I found at an antique store.

same chair, different pillow, some thrifted art, new store-bought art, and curtains I made.

the larger piece is a needle point.

it's the elephant again

moses basket with bedding I made and the large ruler I stained and painted.

amélie decided her cow should sleep there for now. we've already marked how tall amélie is on the ruler. I hung it up so it's accurate.

the shelf above his dresser with random goodies

do you see gumby?! I loved him.

the bedding I made. you can't tell here, but the pleat in the middle has the houndstooth fabric I used on the curtains. a fun rug i picked up at IKEA and the vintage thrifted afghan that inspired the color scheme.

a boppy cover I sewed with the same fabric I used for the moses basket, same bumpers from amélie's room, some swaddling blankets I dyed and sewed, and the fox I made.

enlarged images from the Golden Book I found at an antique store.

eric even commented on how he got a more "manly" clock. he also said it's a good thing it has large numbers on it that I'll be able to read in the middle of the night. thanks, honey.

i kept that elephant watercolor in here from amélie's nursery because it's perfect in that spot. 

There are still a few of Amélie's belongings that haven't moved over to her room yet, but I still have time. I'm looking forward to taking my time putting all of his little clothes in the dresser, just like I did for Amélie. He has quite a wardrobe that I purchased from the huge baby resale event I went to and sold some things at two months ago. I'm so excited to dress up a little boy. =) I would say we're ready for him, but I can wait. We have lots of things going on until he gets here! Although, my back would say it's ready for! pain!


estefanick said...

Oh my gosh- you are SO talented!!!! I love the nursery!!! So excited for you and wishing you all the best as you wait for Sebastian's arrival!

The Wests said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent!! The room and all his stuff is ADORABLE!! He is a very lucky boy to be a part of such a wonderful family. I can't wait to meet that little cutie pie! Also, I'm with you on nicknames. My in-laws were a little annoyed when I said I did not want them calling Nicholas, Nicky or Nick.

Maggie said...

Nancy it looks amazing. You really have a gift! Thanks for sharing all of the pics, I really enjoyed them all. I can't wait to see Baby Sebastian in that room!