Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bean Status: two

I've been moving along nicely with the help of drugs and a weird bubble thing in my vagina. Since starting With all of those nice little helpers, I had over twelve hours of cramping to very, very painful contractions. Since the epidural catheter was already inserted, I demanded the drugs. I quickly fell into a deep sleep. I'm saving all my energy for the final part. I'm currently at six diameter, fully effaced, and my bag of waters broke naturally at 8 this morning. The doctors have all said we're moving along quickly for having been induced. They have also predicted our bean is definitely over 7 lbs. She is most definitely cooked.

I'm feeling pretty good right now, aside from some little cramping randomly. Thank goodness for the epidural!

I will probably update once the bean is here!


Stephanie said...

This sounds really good for an induction!!! Glad to hear everything is going well! We're thinking of all of you!

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Samantha and Calvin said...

Thinking good thoughts for you - I hope everything is still progressing smoothly! Can't wait to meet the beanette :)