Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Bean Birth Story: Part Two

I expected a great deal of pain as I imagined the needle penetrating the skin in my back. It was nothing close to being painful. It was the faintest of pains. It was the kind of pain I'd wince at for a second but never think twice of. My fears subsided as I imagined the opportunity for my future contractions to be eliminated with the constant drip of a drug, yet I still hoped that it wouldn't be necessary. I got my last look at the black, red, and green Nikes as the anesthesiologist exited and left me with the nurse offering me the first dose of drugs to induce my labor.

A quarter of an itty bitty pill was all it took. The nurse, just as I expected, gave me a thorough explanation of what would be taking place. This pill would begin to thin out my cervix and could potentially be administered every four hours until I was at the point where pitocin could be used.

One dose and the cramping and mild contractions began. The pain of the surges was almost non-existent and I chatted, laughed, ate dinner, and blogged about our exciting news. This I could handle all night at the frequency of 2 and a half minutes. During the seven hours that followed, the hubby made a visit to our place to collect our bags that were not fully prepared and came with the abuelito in tow. We were really on our way to becoming parents.

At ten in the evening the tall female doctor announced that it was time for the next step. A foley catheter would be inserted to continue the good progress I was making. She showed me the tool and again explained the process thoroughly to ease my fears as I'm sure she couldn't ignore the look on my face. I winced as I imagined a balloon expanding inside me and once it was inserted, there was no doubt my original fears about the foley catheter were not without warrant. The contractions immediately increased and became much more uncomfortable. I had to take the time to breath through each one while the hubby held my hand tightly and guided me. This was the start of a long night of watching bad television, no sleep, and increasing pain. The pain only intensified once the catheter was removed at two in the morning.

At 7 in the morning, it was time for some rest. I realized this process was going to take much longer and getting some repose was vital in order to me to make it through what was to come and the pain at that moment was unbearable. The hour I waited for the drugs was one of the longest. Looking back I believe I questioned where the anesthesiologist was at least ten times. It was also during this time that during one really painful contraction I felt the warm gush of water on my legs.

"How could it be taking so long when all he has to do is set up the drugs and plug it in?! Where is he!?"

Twenty minutes after the drugs began, I was finally able to sleep.

It was the best sleep of my life.

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