Friday, June 18, 2010

Blanket for Bean

A few weeks ago I purchased a yard of this fuzzy wuzzy fabric at my local fabric store (with a coupon, of course) because I could not stop touching it. It is sooo wonderfully soft and cozy. It seemed like something the bean would probably enjoy too and it has a quilted pattern similar to the other fabric used on her bedding set I made. Also, it's the same exact color! I bought it and thought I'd somehow include the other fabrics I'd used for the bedding in order to make it part of the "set." I eventually found that I didn't want to use the other fabrics for the back side and instead made a little compromise. I bought more fuzzy wuzzy fabric and then used the leftover quilted fabric from the bumper to cover the piping around the edges of the blanket. Woo. I again bought another yard (with a coupon) and got to work one evening after work. This is what happened:

{double-sided fuzzy wuzzy blanket with quilted fabric trim}

{close-up of the quilted trim}

It's super easy to make a blanket like this. Here's the how-to: I didn't take pictures of the steps, so I'm going to explain it and provide pictures of the items used. 

Materials Needed:

{you need this. 
I didn't end up using this one because I felt like it was not wide enough, so I bought thicker cord}

{you also need this little piece for your sewing machine. 
The name of it? I don't know...skinny foot? If you really want to know, I'm sure you can find it's name on the web. yucky, fat pregnant fingers. Only one of my rings fits.}

{this is how it's attached. You can attach it on either the left or right side. I prefer the left. This little foot lets you get your seam all right up and close to the edge of your fabric covered cording.}

Obviously, you also need fabric. I used two yards of the fuzzy wuzzy and about a half yard to cover the cording. Note: this is how much I needed, but it depends on the width of your fabric. The quilted fabric was 54 inches wide, which, is wider than the fabric typically found at your local store. 

Step One:
     -Cut fabric to be used to cover cording in long strips. I usually cut mine between 2.5 and 3 inches wide. 

Step Two:
     -Wrap fabric around cording and sew using the "skinny foot." You want to make sure you measure how much cording and fabric you'll need before doing this. If your fabric isn't long enough to cover all your cording, just sew the strips of fabric together before covering the cord. 

Step Three:
      -Sew fabric covered cording around the "good" side of your fuzzy wuzzy fabric. "Good" meaning the side you want to see.

Step Four:
      -Sew other piece of fuzzy wuzzy fabric with "good" side facing the other piece's "good" side and covering the cording. Make sure to sew it up close to the cording.

Step Five:
     -Make sure to leave a hole big enough to turn your blanket inside out.

Step Six:
     -Turn it inside out.

Step Seven:
     -Sew your opening closed. You're finished!

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