Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bean Bump: Weeks 32/33

{view from above}

{the Boo shot}

{week 33 = large bump}

Week: Making our way through week 33. 
Bean Size: You're a cantaloupe this week! That sounds smaller than what you were before. Either way, they say you're close to 20 inches and about 5 lbs. woo hoo. 
Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs. I'm hoping to not get over 35 lbs. So at this point, I'm good. Yet, if I did go, I don't care. It's all for the baby.
Maternity Clothes?: I'm soooo happy that it's finally warm enough to wear dresses. I've worn a dress almost every day this week. I had to buy some new ones at Ross. 
Sleep: The same as last time. I've got the pillows in place. I currently use 3, which includes the one for my head.  One of my hips still hurts every morning, but once I get moving, it quickly feels better.
Movement: Lots and lots of rolling. She especially loves to move while her daddy is reading her a story. 
What I Miss: Nothing right now. I'm a very content pregnant lady. 
Status of the Button: Totally IN! 
What I'm Looking Forward to: Finding out who the bean looks like once she's born. 
Best Moment this Week: The super sweet baby shower thrown by my friends and co-workers and knowing that the school year ends on Friday, sorta. I have some textbook training and planning time scheduled next week. But, no teenagers! Oh, taking our maternity pictures with our awesome photographer. She was so wonderful and very creative. I absolutely love the sneak peeks. See below!!!!
Preggers Bod-New and Exciting!..maybe: I feel great! Aside from the swollen feet and ankles there is absolutely nothing terrible going on with this pregger. I have the back pain and the somewhat uncomfortable sleeping, but I am extremely thankful there is nothing worse going on with me. I've still got lots of energy and I enjoy long walks (on mostly flat surfaces) in the afternoons. The bump is BIG. No stretch marks!
Bean Milestones: Little bird, the books say you're growing and growing and are now limited on space. There's less amniotic fluid in there and more baby! I can tell because it's no longer jabs, kicks, and punches. It's now rolls and tumbles.  Hey, there you go. 
Food Cravings: Watermelon. I cannot get enough. I wish I had some right now. I think a walk over to Whole Foods may be in order the next hour. 
How's the Rice?: He's great. At the baby shower thrown by my co-workers we received many new books (since we're the English department!) and the hubby and I have been so excited to read a different one every night this past week. One of our favorites is a beautifully drawn book with short stories about a little wombat. It's very very cute. During one of our nightly walks I mentioned that we were in the "single-digits" and the hubby was very confused by this comment. He asked me what I meant and I explained that we've been under ten weeks until we meet the bean. He replied with a simple, "Oh." and a surprised look on his face. It may be sinking it for him now. 

Tid Bits: Here's a sneak peek at our maternity session!





{I had to edit this one a little. She has a name, but we're not telling...yet.}


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, Nancy. I don't usually comment on blogs but I just had to tell you that I LOVE your maternity photos. I especially love the one of Eric reading Curious George. So, so cute!

-- Andrea

Andrea said...
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Elizabeth, Lawrence, Calvin and our Baby Girl on the way said...

Great choice on outfits, you look great!

Maggie said...

Wow, you've really gotten bigger it seems since your last photos! That is so exciting! Your maternity pictures look fabulous. Colin was 20 inches when he was born so wow that the bean is already there most likely! And I can't believe your belly button is still in! Lucky duck!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful pictures. And I agree, dresses about saved my pregnancy!

I hate the suspense on the name -- when are you going to let us know? :)