Thursday, April 1, 2010

It could be much worse

Yes, things are a changin' with this body of mine. New pregnancy symptom #48: growing feet.

Really body? Growing feet? Do you know how many pairs of shoes I have and how much I love them?

{eek! I was wearing socks before this. ignore the lines. =)}

I am OH so very thankful at how wonderfully easy this pregnancy has been thus far and I'm crossing my fingers for the best in the last few months. But, this foot thing makes me an itsy bitsy sad. At least most of my shoes still fit, but for the sake of comfort I'm pretty much sticking to flats now. This foot growth did mean I got to shop for new shoes, although not the super-cutie-I-can't-wait-to-show-them-off kind. More like the these-are-made-for-comfortable-pregnant-feet type.

I went out looking for shoes with a clear focus: comfort. The result: Born shoes. LOVE.

{Born Jolina}

{don't they scream SEXY!?}

Honestly, I do think they're cute. 

What did I find on my shopping trip aside from these two comfy pairs of shoes? I can wear a 7. A seven! I'm usually a size 6 and sometimes a 5 and half. Wow. I have happy feet. I'm just hoping they don't get any bigger because I don't want to have to buy more shoes and my sneakers won't fit. 

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