Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bean Dos: One Year Old

This was written to my baby boy shortly before he turned one almost 6 months ago. I didn't get to finish it and I don't remember where I was going, so I'm saying it's done. Time! Slow down, please. 

Dear Baby Boy,

This year flew by. It was gone in the blink of an eye. I have no idea where the time went. If I thought it went quickly before you born, then this is lightning speed. I remember so clearly holding and nursing you for the very first time. It was so different this time around. It's like we were pros. Now, I'm rocking and nursing you to to sleep as I type this on my phone and your legs are spread across an armrest that you didn't even touch in the beginning. You always rest a little hand across my chest and your eyes open and close with drowsiness. You are currently humming and wiggling a bit before you fall asleep.

I love you so much little one. If I ever questioned whether I'd have enough love left over from adoring your sister, know that my heart has grown indefinitely and has bountiful love for you. I look at your face and I just melt. Those big brown eyes, little cute nose, long lashes, adorable lips, and fluffy light brown hair are just so hard to resist. I want to snuggle you close and nuzzle the chunkiness in your neck as I kiss you and take in the slowly diminishing sent of your babyhood. If I could keep you at this age for as long as I wanted, I would because as soon as you actually start walking completely unassisted all the time, I will probably not get as many chances to enjoy you this way.

You're so sweet, Sebastian! A charmer of the ladies. That smile, gah, it's so hard to resist!

You've been more of a challenge than Amélie was in certain ways, but I wouldn't change you one bit. You have been able to play independently for a while now and it's been wonderful to experience. It's surprising to see you take things out of bins, containers, anything really, and then put them back in so carefully. It's amazing to see you put the wooden shapes in the right slots of your box. Those little hands never seem to have enough things to grasp. :) You are content pushing a car in one hand while scooting across the floors. We jokingly call you spider baby because of your ability to walk with your hands quickly guiding you on walls as you cross rooms is surprisingly fast.

You are a mommy's boy completely. You will only walk to me when we want you to practice and when you're upset my arms are the only ones that can soothe you. I predict that I may be nursing you longer than the 15 months I did with Amélie. Even in your constant baby babbling, mama is a favorite. Although, you did say "agua" today.

We love you so much and our hearts melt over and over and over again because of you. We're now complete.

I love you so much little one,


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