Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's going on?

Did anyone just have a sudden urge to sing?

A list of happenings and things on my mind. 

1. The kids are getting so big. My baby boy is not really a baby anymore. He's taking more and more steps every day. Boo hoo. My girl talks non-stop and literally makes up a song about everything. Amélie loves to sing. We also think she is brilliant. I seriously look at these kids every single day and cannot get over how cute/awesome/adorable/sweet/loving/funny/smart/perfect they are. Of course I'm also sometimes rolling my eyes over how crazy/loud/ridiculous they are. They certainly make life more exciting and wonderful. 
{eleven month photo do-over the next day.}

{Noe Valley and Dolores Park with the babies and Abuelito}

{Whose big kids are those?!?!}

2. It's been ridiculously hot the last few days. It's the one or two weeks a year where not having AC totally sucks. We seek refuge at the movies, the mall, SF, and restaurants. Although the weather has been awful, we have been having a blast while cooling off. After a show at the Civic Center on Saturday, Amélie and I made our way through downtown to meet up with Eric, Sebastian, and our friends for lunch. As we got to the center, the big open splash fountain was calling to us. Amélie saw the other kids and some adults running through it and requested to go in. No brainer there. I quickly took off her dress, left her in her pink ruffly undies and we ran squealing through the water. It was perfect. It was so hot that I didn't care that I was soaking and actually by the time we walked to the marketplace a few blocks away, my linen skirt was practically dry.  Today, we decided a visit to SF was the remedy. After a quick breakfast at home, we packed up and set off for amazing 75 degree weather in Golden Gate Park. It was wonderful. The baby boy slept on the way there and then they both passed out of the way back. What's better than that?! Weather over 90 degrees = grouchy Johnson's.

{"Mami, take my dress off. Now.}

{"Smile, Amélie!"}

{We love you SF!}

3. My kids are so lucky (as I am as well). We recently bought a family pass to a local zoo and amusement park. They both absolutely love it and it's been great to have my daddy man in town to take the kids every week. 

{We discovered a beautiful Japanese tea garden in town.}

Amélie and I went to Sesame Street Live on Saturday and she could not take her eyes away from the show. She was in awe. A little story: While standing outside waiting for our friends, Amélie could see that there was cotton candy for sale inside. She called it "blue thing," since she'd never had it before. She asked me a few times if she could have some and I said we'd see once we went inside. Well, once we made our way inside, it turned out to be a concession stand with stuffed animals, toys, flashing lights, and the like. I offered Amélie the choice to select any ONE thing from the stand. I pointed out almost everything they had for sale except for the cotton candy because I didn't really want to buy her sugar, but of course, she ignored all the other treats and toys and still chose the cotton candy. That girl. Just shows she knows what she wants. 

{Amélie and Myles}

{...and her cotton candy.}

4. We did some major landscaping in the backyard. We now even have a little patch of grass which I cannot get over. I just love it. It's so nice to looks right out the back door and see our big lovely green trees, grass, my herb garden, flowers, plants, and NO weeds! Needless to say, we've been spending a lot of time back there. Lounging around while Amélie runs through her sprinkler toy, most often naked, and Sebastian plays by my feet in the yard is one of my most favorite things. Just a wonderful joy. 

{Not the best picture, but we have grass!!}

{my herb garden and Amélie's strawberries in the last plot.}

5. We very, very, very, very, much appreciate having my dad here when he visits from Guatemala. He's the best! He is so awesome with the kids and they absolutely love him. Daddy man helps with things around the house that we just don't have time to do or just don't have the know-how to complete. He's so handy! We love his company and his easy-going manner. He's been here for about a month and he'll be leaving towards the end of July. At this point I'm trying not to think about him leaving because I will miss my daddy so much. 

6. Teething is horrible for both baby and mommy. Am I right? Sebastian has been teething for months and it sometimes feels like there's more unhappy/fussy baby days than the good days. Those make for the longest of days and not enough sleep. This is especially trying for me because he's at the stage where he only wants me to hold him and wants to be able to see me at all times too. Ay. Ay. Ay. 

{But then you get looks like this and you just melt. Gah, baby smiles.}

7. I have an awesome husband. We make a great team. 

{Dessert date night at the Fairmont Hotel. Oh yeah, why not?! 
Totally taking advantage of Daddy Man being here.}

8. I've been sewing up a storm. No surprise to those that know me. The season started with making skirts, then a nursery set for a dear friend, and now birthday goodies for the babies. Of course there have been the usual decorative pillows, curtains, and whatnots getting made. I think the sewing machines and I will have to take a brief hiatus after July. They have become permanent fixtures on the kitchen island where I sew and I'd like my counter space back. Oh, and I'll be working on setting up my etsy shop again after July. You know, if I get some time. 

Anyone else feeling like the time just flies by? That our babies are growing up too fast? Also, when do people have time to blog?! Or read books?! Seriously.  

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