Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Bean Numero Dos: The First Trimester

With a busy little toddler around, it's needless you say that things are not as easily completed around the house. I thought I'd perhaps chronicle this pregnancy as well as I did with Amélie's, you know, just to be fair and all. Unfortunately, things haven't worked out as planned in that department. At this point, I only have two series of pictures. One set at 5ish weeks; pretty much the beginning and absolutely no signs of a bump, and at 12 weeks; with a somewhat noticeable bean bump. Therefore, I've decided a trimester series of photos will be the plan. I like that. There will be much more obvious changes!  Also, I'm going to give some few good and bad points about each trimester. Can I just say, woo hoo to the first trimester being over! 

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Amber said...

Love the photos and the update!