Thursday, August 11, 2011


If I was still working, my summer would just about be over and I'd be heading back to work next week. Eek! How summer just flies by! Our summer has been packed with lots and lots of activities and fun. Although, there have been not-so-fun things as well.

{Amélie and her cousin Corbin}

{dressed up for wedding #2 of the summer}

Luckily, August has so far been the slowest of the months thus far. In reality, it hasn't been that slow. But, our busy summer will be finishing off with a trip to Pennsylvania for the Ruttenberg wedding and mini-vacation where we're planning to also visit with the hubby's brother; then quickly upon our return we'll be enjoying a long weekend with two weddings! My brother will be getting married (yay!) and some of our good friends will be celebrating their marriage with a white wedding. Everyone is being asked to wear white and it will be our first big event without Amélie. She'll be staying at home with grandpa! That will be the grand finale to our summer.

{unhappy, hot baby}

Amélie and I have been keeping busy taking lots of day trips, visiting museums, thrifting, crafting, having play-dates, and just hanging out. I enjoy every day with my girl, but there's been some tough day sprinkled in between. She got her two top teeth and boy was that fun. My sweet girl was a big cranky pants and that made for some really long days. Also, as usual, Amélie got a fever after her vaccinations, but this last time her fever lasted three days (!) and my poor baby was miserable. She didn't want to leave my arms and was scorching hot. Then, once her fever went away, she got a rash all over her body; starting on her face. Her fever usually only lasts a day and it really scared me to have it continue for so long and then to be followed with another thing. It was horrible. When she eventually recuperated a week later, it was so nice to have my happy girl back. I really missed her usual self.

{at Gilroy Garden's on the day she got her fever. poor sweetie.}

The hubby's summer has also been really busy as well. He's been so busy at work and has spent many evenings working late. For a few weeks now he's also been expected to work six days a week because they have to many things to finish at work. Fortunately, there haven't been very many long weekend work days, but there's the constant work email and phone checking. He's expecting things to slow down in the fall. Thank goodness.

{after a fun-filled afternoon, the girls fell asleep 
on the way back from the museum}

{part of my garden}

{my first two zucchinis} 

Summer also brings lots of birthdays! Our sweet girl's first birthday was perfect. The hubby and I were having so much fun that we didn't get a chance to take very many pictures. The only pictures we have are from her cake eating and opening presents. It was so wonderful having so many friends together! Then there was my mom's, Amélie's girlie friends', the littlest brother's, Eric's brother, two nephews', my daddy man's, and tomorrow is the hubby and my birthday! Birthdays galore!

{the only one where's she's looking at the camera and sitting still. 
it's HARD to get a picture of this moving toddler!}

Now, for fall...I love fall. The clothes, layers, leaves, crisp weather, new planting, pumpkin bread, running a half-marathon, selling at a craft fair, our anniversary, and less work for the hubby- I can't wait for fall. Actually, I can wait for my marathon. I've been slacking on the training. I'm excited though because my brother, Gabe and I will be running together. It'll be fun either way and it's right here in San Jose so I don't have to drive anywhere.

{a thrifted afghan that perfectly
 matches Amélie's room. score!}

{one of the pretty features at Gilroy Gardens}

Summer we love you, but we're excited for fall.


Stephanie said...

Looks like you're having a great summer! I love the picture of Amelie with paint all over her face. Too cute.

Looking forward to hanging out with you in Pennsylvania!

Terry said...

Nice trailer! ;-)