Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a Month!

I don't know where to begin. So much has happened in the last month for us. Instead of a complete detailed summary, here's the (long) gist of "The Johnson's Cram Everything plus an Elephant into One Month!"

  • Once the hubby and I decided on moving, I gave my notice and promptly started looking for a place to live in San Jose. 
  • Found a place a week later, right before our trip to Kansas.
  • Packed LOTS and LOTS of boxes before Kansas and TONS more after we got back.
  • Went to Kansas for a week and went to every family gathering with our baby in tow. 
  • While in Kansas, we came to the realization that Amélie is teething. Teething + sleeping in a different place + different time zone = more night waking and tired mommy. 
  • Baby's first Christmas. 
  • Packed MORE!
  • Amélie's eating solids like a champ! She loves sweet potatoes.
  • Got the keys for our new place in Downtown San Jose on the first on January and started moving small stuff.
  • Went back to work for my very last day!
  • Movers came to pack up our stuff and realized they miscalculated the amount of stuff we have and brought a truck that was too small. That means they had to come back another day to pack stuff again
  • Rented a van to move random little things and end up really wanting one. (eek! Am I really going to be a van driving mom?!)
  • Amélie gets soo much better at sitting up her own. 
  • Kristin, my Rose Pedder, came to help us unpack. So much help!!!!
  • Started unpacking and when I started to feel like the chaos was getting better, more things are brought in again! aaahhhh...never-ending unpacking!!!
  • The baby girl is not sleeping very well. She's been getting up at least two times a night since we moved. Our super duper night sleeper is really being affected by the teething at night. Poor baby.
  • We've gotten everything out of boxes and I've even been sewing pillows and curtains. 
  • Amélie does not like avocado. =( But does like bananas, yogurt, pears, frozen yogurt, berries, carrots, teething crackers, drinking water from a water bottle, and especially her sweet potatoes. 
  • We are one happy family. The hubby gets to see Amélie lots more during the week, I get to spend all day with my sweetie pie and do fun stuff together (our fave time of day is baby-tummy-on-mommy-tummy time. I get lots of wet baby kisses and hugs during that time.), and the pups have a big yard to run around in. 
  • Amélie's grown a lot hair! To some people it looks like nothing, but when she really started with nothing, what she has now is a lot.
  • We really love our new house and neighborhood. Yay!
  • Our baby turned 6 months old. Where did the time go?
  • Oh, the elephant...Amélie's elephant table did make it home; although, with a small dent. Sad. the pictures!

{the best Christmas gift, ever}

{Christmas in Kansas}

{the hubby's brothers}

{getting ready to feast on Christmas. the hubby's serious eating face}

{our first night in the new place}

{before the movers arrived}

{dining room after day one of major move}

{ahhh....formal living room after first visit from the movers}

{our six month old cutie}

{half a year already!?}

{getting ready for her first art project}

{contemplating her masterpiece}

{the artist concentrating}

{one last picture of our cutie patootie. gosh, I love her!}


Maggie said...

Holy cow! I am glad that you lived through that month and could tell us the story. I cannot imagine doing all of that in one month even w/o a teething baby. You are truly amazing. Congrats on the move! How far is Eric from work? Are you renting? Tell us more about the house and the neighborhood! I'm so excited for you all! Oh and I cannot believe how big and cute she is!

Stephanie said...

Wow. I can't believe you did all that moving in packing in the middle of Christmas. Yeesh. And add to that a teething baby. ACK! But it sounds like you're all doing great. We need to visit each other some time soon - seriously! And I absolutely love the picture of Amelie "painting." Adorable.

estefanick said...

Unbelievable!!!! You are a champion Mama!! :) So glad to hear that things are going well and your are loving your new place and being at home. Can't wait to see more pictures of your house and your adorable daughter!!

Elizabeth, Lawrence, Samantha and Calvin said...

Nice work! It sounds like you guys are really enjoying things now that you're settled in. Can't wait to see you guys and your new place!